Corona Virus claims 04 more human lives in AJK raising death toll to 395 across the State so far;


Altaf Hamid Rao.


191 more tested positive in AJK,


MIRPUR (AJK),   (Parliament Times) :   In Azad Jammu Kakshmir, after the sad demise of 04 more victims of ongoing fast-spread ongoing third spell of COVID-19, the death toll across the State has risen to 391 so far, official sources have said.

As many as 144 of the COVID-19 suspects were discharged from various Quarantine centers set up at various state-run health facilities in Azad Jammu Kashmir (AJK) during last 24 hours after they were tested negative with complete recovery, AJK health authorities officially told our this Special AJK Correspondent Friday night.

And at the same time at least 191 new positive cases of corona virus were registered in Azad Jammu Kashmir during last 24 hours, the sources said.

After the death of 04 more victims of the pandemic, the number of those died of the pandemic in Azad Jammu Kashmir rose to 395. The 04 ill-fated persons who lost lives of the pandemic in various state-run health facilities in AJK during last 24 hours included 02 in Bagh district and one each in Muzaffarabad and Poonch districts.

Those lost lives so far, despite hectic efforts and first class Medicare in the Corona Medical wards in the State run DHQ hospitals included 114 from Mirpur district, 57 from Muzaffarabad district, 09 in Jhelum valley district, 09 in Neelam valley district, 68 in Poonch, 45 in Bagh, 05 in Haveili, 08 in Sudhanoti, 40 in Bhimbher and 40 in Kotli district.

The tally of the COVID-19 suspects tested positive rose to 14260 in entire Azad Jammu Kashmir so far, according to the State health authorities.

Among all those tested positive, 11782 patients have been recovered and discharged from various State-run hospitals at the district and tehsil headquarters so far.

While unveiling the updated figures of the suspects emerged in AJK, the State Health Authorities said on Tuesday that 184 fresh cases of the pandemic registered in AJK during last 24 hours, who were immediately got tested by the labs set up in district headquarters hospitals in Azad Jammu Kashmir.

The newly-registered positive cases, included 28 from Mirpur district, 43 from Muzaffarabad, 51 from Poonch district, 14 from Jhelum valley district, 05 from Neelam valley district, 02 from Palandri district, 06 from Bagh district, 14 from Bhimbher district and 28 from Kotli district in Mirpur division.

A total of 1180 suspects of corona virus were tested by the State Health Authorities in entire AJK during last 24 hours.

The State Health authorities have asserted that out of a total of registered 157014 patients in entire AJK, 14260 were tested positive of the pandemic, 1999 patients have been kept in Home Isolation in various districts of AJK in line with the policy of the AJK government.

At present a total of 2083 patients are under treatment in various State-run health facilities in all 10 AJK districts including the State’s metropolis – besides the fresh admissions of 84 patients during last 24 hours in various district hospitals in the State’s fully furnished isolation and Corona wards, set up with required kits and other latest facilities at Abbas Institute of Medical Sciences and C.M.H Muzaffarabad, Rawalakot, Divisional Head Quarter Hospitals at Mirpur and Rawalakot besides the D.H.Q Hospitals at Jhelum Valley, Neelum Valley, Bagh, Haveli, Sudhanoti, Bhimber and Kotli districts.