Balochistan’s most beautiful cities ”Turbat”

Nasir Fazal Baloch
Turbat, the second biggest city of Balochistan with a population of 213,557, falls in southern Balochistan. It is the centre of Makran Division    In past, it has been the capital of Makran state. In recent times, Turbat is cited as the most beautiful city of Balochistan. Everyone is familiar with the beauty of Gaddani, Kundmalir, Gwader, Sonmiani, Ormara, Astola Island beaches so on, but few have taken the time to discover the mesmerizing beauty of the Turbat’s coast. We planned a trip with my friends to Absar Dam. We set up our journey on a cool, January evening what else could be better than riding the bikes with Shahzaib Arz Baloch, Mujeeb, Shezad, Zaheer , Baloch Khaan and Muhammad Xamurani and wondering in Turbat. From SariKhan to Absar Dam, there are so many gardens and mountains that make peace to mind and soul. Passing from the “DoKorm River” on way, we get inside the boundary of ” Koh e Murad” which is a famous shrine of Turbat, Balochistan. It is a holy place for “Zikris” where they usually offer their prayers. When we passed DoKorm we reached near the “Farm It is a beautiful, small site with beautiful gardens around. People often come here for picnics and enjoy their day delightedly. Afterwards, we reached at Dam, my first sight of the Dam was the color of the water and the desert which is in front of the water namely ” Mulad e rekh” It’s a beautiful desert which gives relaxation to the soul. So , I suggest everyone to visit Turbat city , and enjoy the beautiness of it

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