Students amidst issues!


Nazir Ahmed ( Lawyer)
Amid this, deadly coronavirus days; where everybody is trying to ease with their profession, sadly, students have to pass through several plights. And such hardships are due to the negligence of administrative bodies of educational institutions. The panic of not passing exam, because of technical and tactical issues has taken birth among students. Most of undergraduate students have gone under depression due to uncooperative and incompetent behavior of administrative authorities. In such COVID-19 circumstances, where world is working with ease in all aspects, unlikely, for Pakistan formulating an effective educational system has become a hard nut to crack. As it has already hand-to-mouth existence in terms of educational facilities. For now, it is the need of an hour, for ministry of education to take immediate actions as students issues can be avoided; these should be resolved,and , it must be. As they are the pillars of any nation.