Showkat by his valiant services took highest place in Kashmir: Speakers



The charismatic and multi-dimensional personality of Shaheed-e-Itehad-e-Millat Moulana Showkat is unforgettable and no Kashmiri can ever overlook his sacrifices and struggle. Nations rarely produce these kinds of charismatic leaders. Showkat Shaheed’s struggle for freedom and efforts to eradicate Sectarianism from Jammu Kashmir will always be remembered. This was stated by various speakers while addressing a program on Shaheed-e-Itehad-e-Millat today. The meeting was organized in remembrance of martyr Showkat Ahmad Shah who embraced martyrdom on 8th April 2011. The meeting was attended by various JKLF leaders, senior activists and many people addressed it and paid rich tributes to shaheed. In their address speakers said that Moulana Showkat worked continuously for the cause of freedom and his efforts for the unity of Ummah, promotion and publication of Quran and Sunnah, his zeal to promote authentic Quran and Sunnah and communicating it to the new generations, his philanthropy, his works in the field of education and social work, his dream of an Islamic University, establishing free or nonprofit based health care centers and his leadership, all these qualities bear a witness to the fact that Moulana Showkat was a legendary figure who cannot be ignored even by his enemies and adversaries. Speakers on the occasion said Showkat sahib worked day in and day out for the cause of unity among the Muslims of Jammu Kashmir. He was a great scholar, brave and straight forward human being, a loving and caring brother and a person who always gave priority to human cause. His social work, philanthropy and leadership will be always remembered, they added. Speakers said that Showkat Sahib was a brave son of soil who despite many adversities remained steadfast to the cause, embraced martyrdom and attained immortal success but those who conspired and attacked Showkat Shaheed got nothing but everlasting shame and disgrace.

Speaking on the occasion the speakers threw light on the Multi-dimensional personality of Shaheed Itehad-e-Millat and said that Showkat sahib through his valiant efforts in the fields of religion, social life and politics captures a high place in the history of Kashmir. He was a scholar, a prolific speaker, an educationist, a social worker; a political leader and a person who always loved to promote unity and love in the ranks and files of Kashmiri Muslims. Speakers said that Moulana Shaheed was like Moulana Sanaullah Amratsari, Sir Syed Ahmad Khan and Moulana Altaf Hussain Hali for Kashmir.

Recalling his love for freedom, JKLF and JKLF incarcerated chairman Muhammad Yasin Malik, speakers said that Showkat shaheed always stood tall and will stay tall for ages to come. Speakers said that it was his wisdom and hard work that unnerved many of his enemies and that is why they adopted the theory and philosophy of Ibn Maljam and conspired to kill Moulana Showkat. Speakers said that the freedom struggle of Kashmir is Indebted to these great martyrs like Moulan Showkat Ahmad Shah and today while we remember this great soul, we pledge to take the mission of these martyrs to its desire.

Meanwhile, the party spokesman extended condolences and expressed deep sorrow on the sad demise of mother of Raja Arif Minhas (member convening committee JKLF Sindh Division), uncle of Sajid Chugtaie (senior JKLF member from UAE), mother of Sardar Adnan Sharif (former organizer Al-Riyaz South Unit, KSA) and Mr. Akhtar (veteran local personality of Thorad). He prayed for their highest place in Jannah.