Industries of Baluchistan and their policies


Imran Nawab
A few days ago, I was sitting and having a conversation with my neighbor. During the conversation, he told me that he had been a blue collared worker at an industry for 17 years and yet he had not gotten a permanent job there. It was surprising for me to know that despite working continuously for 17 years at the same place, still, he is working under the contractor because once I had learned that the supreme court addressed this in its decision that a worker with his continuous 11 months’ service in an industry must be given a permanent job in the same industry and if management keeps workers under a contract for a long time then it would be against the ordinance.Further, I asked, “How many workers got a permanent job in the last 17 years”. He flawlessly smiled and said innumerable. He added that some workers had joined the industry as permanent workers. I asked whether they were highly educated. He again impeccably smiled and said “No” they had been highly recommended by chieftains of Baluchistan. It was quite pathetic to hear this. Also, I asked that there is no merit system. He grouchily replied that, in Baluchistan, chieftains break laws and make their own rules. Further, I asked that is there anyone like you has not been permanented. He replied positively and said there are so many. He further added that even many workers had been working there for 20 years, yet have not had gotten the permanent job. I asked him that whether this happened only in the industry where he has been working in. He replied negatively and said it is the same in all industries of Baluchistan. While listening to him, I remembered an incident that happened with one of my friends who once visited a private industry thrice with his resume and diplomas. He even was not allowed to enter the industry and meet General Manager for giving an interview. However, being frustrated and compelled he visited a police station to meet the officer (S.H.O) who knew him very well. It was quite a shame for an educated boy  to adjure for a recommendation later. Eventually, he got a recommendation later by the (S.H.O) Well, after getting a recommendation later, he was unable to meet the General Manager of that industry. Security guards were not allowing him to meet General Manager because his recommendation was not coming from a high profile comparing to others. Ultimately, he lost all his hopes and never visited that industry. I had a quite long discussion with my old neighbor. After coming back home, countless questions were buzzing in my mind and putting me in frustration that is why our government is failed to provide adequate jobs to youngsters and when the system of nepotism in our industries will get finished Undoubtedly, youth plays a dynamic role in the development of a nation. Many young students of Baluchistan, even, having different diplomas in various fields are working under a contractor. Where they can be kicked out of their job anytime with zero service funds. Antecedently, the people of Baluchistan are already facing troubles regarding jobs and with this corrupt system of industries, their future shows a bleak picture. On the other hand, outsiders are working in the industries of Baluchistan as permanent workers on high-profile ranks. An estimated 60 percent or 70 percent of outsiders are working here as permanent and as well as under contractors in various industries of Baluchistan. Instead of providing opportunities for the residents, they gave the cold shoulder to them. Sometimes even a man with his different diplomas can’t get a job under a contractor because he does not have any support or recommendation from high profiles. To sum up, it is requested to the government look into this serious issue and bring some strict policies within the industries.