Being genocide by drugs




Yasir Baluch Sajidi
The drug addiction is one of the most scrouge for human life. Which is commonly used in every where. The drugs such as Aspirin, Morphine, Cocain, Heroin, Marijuana, Alcohol, Nicotine are being genocide the biological life. The youth use it as Analgesic, Anti inflammatory, Antipyretic, etc. Despite its batterment, it is being genocide the young generation. Such as, Lose of confidant, Anxiety, Escapist tendencies, Hallucination, Hemorrhage etc, and also lose of physical balance. The drugs are being used in every where. Espicallay, in our country it is being used commonly. So, it is hampering the development of our country. And the government had declared that it is illegal. However, being illegal it is also common everywhere. But unluckily our generation is being addicted by drugs easily involving the kids, students, men, women etc. Eventually, our up coming generation also would be addicted by drugs. And they would be as like Arabs before Hazarat muhammad (PUBH). Unfortunately,  the drugs are being supply with illegally. It is requested to the citizens of Pakistan to be avoid from drugs it is killing us and it escapes us from our Responsibilities.