Antipode situation


The Biden’s administration decision to restore aid to Palestine is apprised by the UN and the world. President Joe Biden would be releasing 235 million worth as aid to Palestine. Recalling, aid to Palestine was paused during the time of Mr. Trump. Two years ago, the President of Palestine had said in a statement that the US administration is fully responsible for the persecution of the Palestinians. In the political arena, his statement is considered right. The country, like the superpower and richest in the world, should cooperate with underdeveloped countries in a way that the later do not realize the feelings of the unprivileged. With the winning of Biden, then acting US Ambassador to the UN Security Council Richard Mills had maintained that the US President Joe Biden’s Middle East policy will be mutually supportive and support a two-state solution, in which Israel maintains a viable Palestinian state and will remain in peace.

This will include renewing US relations with the Palestinian leadership and the people. In a statement issued last month, the US State Department called Blinken’s remarks a “US vision” for a better future for Israelis, Palestinians and the Middle East. Also, it seems that the US is somehow interested in Palestine now and the incumbent US President Joe Biden has also campaigned for a two-state solution to the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. Meanwhile, the story of American-Palestinian relations is long and covers most of Israel’s history. Do the two sides also want a two state solution? Things are therefore contrary to what the Biden administration is thinking about. The Israeli government demands that the Palestinians first recognize Israel as a Jewish state. But, if the Palestinians do so, their position that the Palestinians who were deported from Palestine at the time of Israel’s establishment in 1948 should be allowed to return may be weakened.