Pak-Russia relations


After a long period of approximately 9 years, Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov has arrived in Pakistan. On this occasion, Mr. Qureshi has left the statement that the economic and defense relations between Pakistan and Russia are likely to move forward and Russia can also persuade India to play a positive role in the Afghan peace process. Now that the relations between Pak-Russia seem to be softening and warming in terms of defense and economic, what mutual benefits can both countries achieve through multi-faceted delegation level talks? Before all, both have to eradicate mistrust in each other’s governmental policies which has been long lasting appeared at the time of Soviet Union. The recent contact between the two states show that Russia wants to be closer with Pakistan whatever the reasons are. In the mutual talks, Pakistani FM should remind Russia about 2019’s reminder when Russian companies were interested in investing heavily in the energy sector, and the 2.5 billion in Karachi-Lahore gas pipeline project. However, relations between the two countries depend on mutual interests. Pakistan should bring hand towards bilateral relations depending on political, economic, cultural and defense cooperation but the most important thing is economic cooperation which is the need of hour for this developing country. This relationship will be very strong and stable in the future if Russia had seen Pakistan really as a key player in the changing situation in Afghanistan. If Russia has already formulated a strategy to advance defense and economic relations with Pakistan, she must also ignore cautiously in view of India’s displeasure over growing relationships with Pakistan. Also, It is high time that Russia and Pakistan, recognizing the new realities in the rapidly changing context of global politics, forget the bitterness of the past and lay the foundations for a new era of peace and development in the region.