Importance of reading holy Book


As we all know that in today’s technical period, every one is striving up to read english and other books most of time. As everyone held preparation for being a enjineer, a doctor, a scientist. Numerous number of individuals have decided to run in such fields. But unluckily there are few individuals who are studying in mosques, madrases and other religious institutes across country. A very less amount of such students are involved in reading of the Holy Book “The Quran”. However, the various number of family members and parents shown failure to guide the sons/daughter regards the knowledge of the holy book. According to my observation, approximately 70% population has held negligence of reading the holy book and not reading it. This does not mean that reading of medical or engineering is not a well task but also it is must do activity to read the holy book. It shows the right path towards the Allah Almighty and suggests us from doing guilty tasks. I humbly request and suggest the every countrymen across the country to study the holy book as well the parents must lead their children toward the book.