Alia Asadullah
Qumber is a boy from Turbat who has perpetually in need of money from his parents he always grumbled about to his parents that they have not given him a good life and that is the reason Qumber was very angry and sad to them, in his mind one thought came always that he is poor and he can’t achieve nothing and he can’t have that life which his friend have. Once Qumber wanted a T-shirt which was very much expensive and he demanded to get that T-shirt at any cost “Qumber we can’t efford, it is very expensive try to understand” said by Qumber’s mom , ” No, I need it right now my all friends are buying this T-shirt, you want that I should be shamed and insulted to my friends”, replied by Qumber. ” You are not getting Qumber, we don’t have the lifestyle that your friends have we can’t efford my dear but I will try that the next month I will buy this T-shirt    for you” said by his mother, but Qumber shout and said, ” No, you have never given the things which I wanted and you have never fulfilled my wishes I just hate you” ” Don’t go listen my son , Ah! Qumber listen” but Qumber listened nothing and he went in an angrier mood furthermore in spite of going to school he decided to go the near mountain when he climbed and reached there and then he took a long breath faraway he saw a tree he went and sit their. “Oh! God I have nothing , I am very poor if I will not buy this T-shirt then my friends will make my fun , and they will take me out from the group and nobody will talk to me , nobody will be my friend because I am poor , I have just a burden to my life and I want to die I don’t want such an inconvenient life more” Qumber decided that he should die because he has not having a meaningful life. Qumber was looking the tree, he was imagining that he will hang himself and make his life end. He was going to hung himself but suddenly he listened a ringtone from his bag , when he opened it he found his mother mobile , someone was calling while he received the call a person from next side was saying that madam your T-shirt gift is ready when we should give and surprise your kid Qumber, Qumber filled into tears and realized that he did wrong, he ran toward his house and opened the door as he found his mother crying , he hurriedly hugged his mother and apologized for everything what he did ” mom I love you and sorry for everything, I promise that I will not heart you again” Qumber mom’s replied, ” My dear son I am not hearted I just want you should be happy in your life , you know! I can’t afford sometimes but it doesn’t mean that I don’t want to fulfilled your wishes, I always tried for you and good future that you should have a best life my dear, ” Qumber realized that life is not with friends or luxury things , it is about love which he was getting from his mom.


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