The trends of technology and counseling services during the pandemic of Covid-19


Jokhio Jasarat Ilyas Sindhi
Covid-19 is not only the hectic situation for the survival of the fittest humanity but it has also affected badly the socio-economic structures including all the factors of Education like; counseling and guidance. In order to evaluate such situations, the present research study shall be carried out to figure out the ongoing counseling services using various online trends in the global pandemic. The data was collected with the help of research instruments from the sampled sizes to get analyzed using various techniques. The background of the research clears the morbidity as well as mortality ratio that it is on top in history during the popular pandemic either bacterial or viral or microbial; has lost given the danger of greater deaths ever in the anthropological chronology of the world. Hence, globally pandemic has affected the world a lot and there is strict lock downing and closure of educational institutions in most of the countries of the world since the beginning of its outbreak till outreach and epidemic. From etymology, if we look in the dictionaries, it is evident that ‘Covid-19’ stands for “CO” stands for corona, “VI” for virus, and “D” for disease and as it was discovered in December 2019 so called as “Covid-19” (Oxford Dictionary; 2020). As we know that the pandemic situation started from Wuhan, a city of China and spread rapidly throughout the world. It has affected many peoples in the world resulting in many countries having to move towards lockdown to control this virus spreading and death rate. It has had major effects on each country’s economy and has closed all economic zones and every physical movement of peoples. Its major impact fell on the education system of the primary, secondary, and higher    secondary school that had to be closed even universities were also closed to control the spreading of covid-19 in students, teachers, lecturers and other office staff in all over the 180 countries (Almani; 2020). Due to this closure every country is trying their level best to overcome from this situation following to which efforts education is on top priority. To outcome from this situation “Work from Home” policy was implemented to control the spread of covid-19 but this implementation put negative impact on the learning process due to lack of class activities, face to face lectures, practical works and ongoing assessments during classes. In spite of this, online education is continuing all over the world wherein a lot of trends are found. There is a lot of need for co-factors of education in this means and many problems arise during the course of the study. This study focuses on this all. Historically there is a greater death ratio in the days of any pandemic. Taking example of Sindh in 1800 AD onwards where there was bubonic plague in Karachi, as per the record killed more than 2000 population (Jokhio; 2020). This was a record of the total working portfolio of English forces which attacked Sindh in later months of 1843 AD with the help of Naunmal “a person who was loyal to British Army” (Naunal; 1926). They attacked the working forces of last emperors of Mirs in Hyderabad after entering into the Kohistani belt of Sindh from Gadap Kathore and Karachi region which was just a little fishing village those days. That was history that the English army travelled Bombay and went to the people of Bombay, from where affected rats entered in the ship of English people and made them towards the best portfolio to tackle the heading work at Karachi where industries were about to be built. Those were the days, where Karachi was closed up for the first time in history and that was the time where there were reports of the first ever lock down of the city in history. Karachi was totally closed up and it was found that it made education from zero-to-zero level. Educational institutions were though a few even to be able to count on the fingertips. Education was badly affected and it was a serious time to face for Karachians where there was a lot of pandemic of plague. This affected education a lot and opened the eyes of many stakeholders of the world to look into the eagle matter to devise any certain policy to come up and cope up with the emergency situations. After this incidence, it was clear for everyone to have a clear vision for education. Later on, British people made certain policies to reach at the peak and it made it possible to spread educational networks all around the country. The present pandemic of the global problem of Covid-19 has also made it the same as it made worried the world in 1800 AD throughout the century in various waves. Educational institutions are closed now and classes are ongoing online. In the need of online educational motives, counseling and it allied many things are happening at the risk and on top problems. Counseling is called as the major motive towards the betterment of education, notwithstanding the processing and overwhelming rapidness of the presence of digital distance teaching and learning in shape of online education is working to the some extend in this context, counseling services are rarely found in the institutions which will be focused in the present study. Counseling is the tool to brighten the future of students and its services are in a lot of need for students during the global    pandemics. Hence, in this scenario, there is a lot of need to accommodate the students with modern counseling trends and services. To continue education students and parents must be motivated to use technology as a key source for e-learning. As in the developed countries have already adapted it through different tools like “blackboard, zoom, Microsoft teams, and Google classes etc.” Now the developing countries are also adapting it by using the same technological application through motivation and counseling with different students and parents at different age levels. Academic institutions are facing a lot of various hard and tough situations all around the world due to the epidemic of Covid-19 from closure of classes to the mental readiness and social distances among students and teachers including the whole managerial personals. This has been influencing a lot the learning which is about to be stopped. However, there is a lot of effort taken by many academic experts all over the world to tackle the issue and to find out the best solution to continue education which they have one and only way of ‘online education’ lacking its factors of motivation and guidance. Counseling is one of the major guidelines which students need to go forth in any field. The Pandemic of Covid-19 has been disturbing the global education in which students are worried a lot and are not able to opt what and to select what? So, in this environment, they have a greater need of counseling to be provided to them for the smooth learning as well as a good start in the career throughout their studies. After counseling the students may be able to; go forth in the best possible solution to resolve their capabilities of mind as well as emotion as well as select the most appropriate field. Counseling also nurtures the students to study any of the best topics in a good way for the purpose of permanent learning for the rest of life.There is importance to the present topic because counseling is considered as an effective tool to motivate and guide children. As during the current pandemic days, one batch moved out to next classes and in these consequences, they needed counseling too. So, working on the topic will give a lot of concrete knowledge to suggest ideas and findings to the policymakers. The study was limited to counseling services while the study shall be delimited to the technology aspects in pandemic covid-19. Study was compared with the literature review which indicated that as per World Health Organization notice dated 27 March 2020, it is clear that stress, anxiety, and fear would increase due to the COVID-19 pandemic situations across the world (World Health Organization, 2020). Due to the pandemic huge numbers of people have died worldwide and new cases of infected people are increasing rapidly. Health specialists have found that about 300 million people suffer from panic and anxiety complaints and notify that our psychological well-being could be at high risk. Studies have found that symptoms of depression, anxiety and stress have affected learner’s mentality during pandemic. According to primary research on the pandemic’s effects several aspects of mental fitness have already been blocked. These impacts have happened even in families that do not comprise family members who have contracted COVID-19. Therefore, the virus is a main stressor, even if everybody in the home has stayed fit. Moreover, anxiety can increase by forced isolation of quarantine and    forced closeness between family members with tenuous relationships. Many Countries such as China, Italy, USA, England and Georgia converted to online education by interrupting traditional face-to-face education to lessen the impact of COVID-19 on education. In this condition people are advised to stay at home, work, and study at home. Several educational institutes in China have suspended face-to-face classes and switched to online learning for the sake of protection of learners and teachers.As researchers select the case study as a method with an understanding array of factors that can affect the outcome of the research. Qualitative research is research techniques that aims to investigate a phenomenon through multiple data sources in a specific context and examines it through a range of lenses to demonstrate the various characteristics of the phenomenon. For this paper, case study methodology will be selected, because the primary purpose of this methodology is to make the reader walk through a scenario where an issue is described, the background information related to the issue is given as well as interpretation of the solution offered, together across with how it was generated. For the proposal, I will collect the primary data all through semi structured interviews and focus Group discussions. The present research study was held in public and private institutes of education, as the study is focusing on online counseling so the data will be collected through taking individual interviews as well focus group interviews. The research study will show the experience of respective persons like how they have been through this situation strategically and what hurdles they have faced, so the focus group interviews will help in discussing the scenario. Data analysis is the process of examining what has been collected through tools of collection and making inferences. Thematic data analysis will be employed in the study for investigating the experiences and perceptions of participants regarding online counseling with technology during pandemic Covid-19. The information was gathered by conducting open ended questions and focus group interviews regarding the study. Themes will be created with each tool and from each theme a code will be analyzed and interpreted through researcher’s and participant’s perspectives. It will be totally thematic using themes, codes, and categories.