Ramazan is Near to be Care


Bahram Iqbal, Kech
It is well-known to everyone that 13th of April the first day of the Ramdan which is obligated for the Muslims to keep Past. There are uncountable benefits of this months that would have been stops everyone’s actions. According to Islamic Sufism the ones who informed the first day of the Ramdan he/she would avoided from Hell. However; it is my first massege to every Muslims Ramdan is too much near be ready for its celebrity. This is the only month which will be bringing every fruits and vegetables for us. May this month brings joys, happiness and wealth to you. May God will answer all prayers of your in this important month of Ramdan which would about to too near. Moreover; also It will conttrolled the COVID-19. And it is very important to be mentioned that this month the prices of things must be down since people cannot afford the Ramdan expensive to provide their families well. Actually the government is working on this issue hoped-for it will be solved soon since citizens shall not sufferd from this month for any inconvenience.

Thanks God to lives me.