PDM dissipates?


Yesterday, Mr. Shahid Khaqan Abbasi in his statement showed aggressive attitude towards PPP by saying that Maulana Fazlur Rehman has not issued a show cause notice to PPP. Mr. PML-N leader and former prime minister clearly said that the ruling coalition is seeking an explanation from BAP for taking votes. According to him, his statement aimed at mistrust towards PPP by this narrative as “PPP has broken the trust of PDM alliance”. Since the formation of this opposition movement led by PPP and PML-N, inaugurated on 9 September, is standing right now at a highly temperate situation. It seems that protecting the hidden Sharif agenda against the Establishment, this movement is accumulating hatred against each other by losing interests in protests and so called JALSAS. It can be demonstrated that the opposition parties keep their own manifestos and political interests, and each wants to maintain its presence in the political process. That is the reason, this multi-party coalition slowly and speedly fails. Today, both parties are viewing each other with an intense suspicion.

First they vowed to protest against the incumbent PTI for rising inflation, now the PML-N is accusing PPP of dubious activities to keep grip on Sindh only. Shortly after the no-confidence motion was filed against Sanjarani, mistrust between the two parties suddenly erupted. The future is near when the PDM will most likely be ineffective in overthrowing the government or weakening the military’s role in politics. It also remains to be seen whether the opposition parties will set aside their personal agendas and work towards a common goal of overthrowing the Khan government. Whether or not they succeed in gaining the support they need from the people will also determine the fate of the coalition. But, at this juncture, the PDM’s reputation seems wane owing to the increasing ‘Charge-Sheets’ against each other.