Inflation and opposition destabilize state affairs: Governor



LAHORE:    Governor Punjab Chaudhry Mohammad Sarwar has said that PDM is not on one page and it will never be. The opposition should abandon the policy of protest inside and outside the parliament and play its positive role in the strengthening of democracy and development of the country. Prime Minister Imran Khan will not back down from his principled stand on merit and transparency in the country. Overcoming issues of inflation and unemployment is the first priority of the PTI government. He was talking to a delegation led by PTI MNA Riaz Fatiana at Governor’s House Lahore.

Governor Punjab Chaudhry Mohammad Sarwar said that the government led by Prime Minister Imran Khan is not pursuing political or personal interests but national interest and taking practical steps for national development and stability, for which all resources are being utilized, and the elements trying to destabilize the country will be thwarted and Pakistan will be turned into a welfare state. Governor said that the real challenge for the government is inflation and not the opposition, adding he said that the government is using all possible measures to address these issues. All government organisations are working to overcome the challenges.

Chaudhry Mohammad Sarwar said that the 43 deaths due to Coronavirus are proof that the severity of Corona is continuously increasing and the number of Corona patients is also increasing in hospitals. He said the masses cannot afford complete lockdown so the public should strictly follow the SOPs. People violating the SOPs are risking not only their own lives but other people’s lives as well.

MNA Riaz Fatiana said that the people have rejected the opposition on every front including the 2018 general elections and the opposition should also wait for the next general elections instead of creating instability in the country. “It is our constitutional and democratic right to govern till 2023 and Imran Khan will be the Prime Minister of Pakistan till 2023 and we are making all-out efforts to address and resolve the issues of inflation and unemployment, “he added.