Focusing yourself


Najeeb sawali
How many people in your immediate environment, those people who are in your sacred circle and represent people.who are in the same mission as you, or do you have a bunch of people on your list and those individuals are pulling you down. How do you do what you do? I have cut off the people who are not on the same mission with me But they are very upset and they said some nasty things about me But i cut them off anyway. Moreover, i have surrounded myself with people who the same values who have the same mindset and people who wants to accomplish what i want to accomplish. People don’t always like you, and they are not always happy for you. if you surround yourself with people who are not accustomed to your success, And they became fearful. they became sacred because you are reflecting back something to them that they don’t recognize. Besides, they are going to say, who he thinks he is? That only happens when you are around people who do not mean and what aspire to the best for you. But people who want the best for you want you to best.So my greatest advice to you is to surround yourself with people. So when people say you are so full yourself, whatever you have to do, do it and keep asking the questions. who can i get around? Who could i spend some time with? Who would have a positive influence on my life? I played every trick in the book i could think of to get around the right people, now here in is the surprise, it is possible for a modest investment to get around major people. If you had a chance to sit down for an hour or two with a wealthy person, and all that you had to do was to pick up the lunch table and that person might drop an ideas on you that could change your life. And that is where we need to go to get our success plan from successful people. And dont pick up your plan, especially your financial plan from unsuccessful people. but here is something else exciting its possible for people of modest means to start a wealthy plan you don’t have to be wealthy to have a wealth plan you dont even have to be healthy to start a health plan. and all you have to be smart, smart enough to say i have got the wrong way plan and i am going to get around someone who has a better plan and make it my plan. Similarly, find some successful people to help you find your success plan, find somebody healthy to get your better health plan, find somebody living a unique lifestyle to develop your lifestyle plan. This iscalled association on purpose. Ultimately, If you want to fly on the sky, you need to leave the earth. If you want to move forward, and live a good life then focus yourself.