Covid-19 Upsurge


Imtiaz Essa Halepoto Jamshoro
The pandemic Covid-19 has caused hundreds of thousands fatalities since its outbreak. Its ongoing third wave has overwhelmingly been dragging humanbeings to deathbed. Lately, deadly virus has greatly got upsurge in death toll throughout Pakistan. The travels are put under strict restrictions by many a country over the world owing to sudden rise in virus once again. So is the case with Pakistan, Many a people are hospitalized across the country, patients are enormously quarantined and isolated. But yet, what is lacking is the seriousness of government in despatching vaccines. Vaccination at high level strategy is essentially needed. Irony, in the most critical time of this third wave, each country is actively engaged to vaccinate maximum number of people each day. Pakistan is yet in search of vaccination and is poorly involved in vaccinating process. The only roadmap to tackle out this wave of virus is to embark on a mass vaccination drive on an urgent basis. Despatching vaccination should be prioritized and be given access to each and every citizen of Pakistan    indiscriminately. Moreover, every Pakistani must have access to the vaccine free of cost, and delivery be made as easy as possible even in more backward villages and areas. The strategy, used by other countries of walk-in vaccination at pharmacies, private hospitals and even petrol stations, appears to have worked well. To relieve the load from a government with low resources and low efficiency, there is no harm in enabling those who are able to pay to purchase their own vaccine. However, the majority of people who are financially unable to bear the cost of vaccine must also receive it – and this must be top priority of government. The move at which the government programme is proceeding is far too slow and also there has been the need of success in convincing people that they need to be vaccinated. Furthermore, what is heard and watched by social media is nepotism on top during vaccination process. The influential persons, getting the vaccine out of turn, are a matter of concern. This is of course not new and it was predictable. So was the mysterious disappearance of vaccines from government hospitals. It is the question mark: why there have been so many issues with the vaccine rollout and why less than one percent of the population has been vaccinated by now. People, in Pakistan, are mostly desperate by seeing the way government is despatching vaccines. To sum up, Government must prioritize yje vaccine and accelerate the vaccine rollout. Because Pakistan have reached to an average of over 4000 new cases countrywide each day for the past week. Vaccination must be despatched immediately across Pakistan indiscriminately.