Twitter suspends Kashmir activists accounts without notifying: Yahiya



LONDON:  The President of Tehreek-e-Kashmir UK Fahim Kayani said social media is the only platform at the moment where Kashmiris & other victims of human rights abuses can raise their voices & opinions to be heard by the world with the hope to receive support & help because UN & the West seems busy either sleeping or trying to look for excuses to sanction China before it becomes the new super power. The world seems too busy with politics even during this pendamic.

President Kayani also stated recently Twitter suppended well known accounts for their great contributions for Kashmir like Stand with Kashmir, Kashmir Civitas & Dr Farhan Chak who also is well known for his work for Kashmir & the General Secretary for Kashmir Civitas. These accounts got unsuspended but after some weeks twitter decided to unsuspend them. Now the twitter account of Rehana Ali, Information Secretary Tehreek-e- Kashmir UK has been suspended

President Kayani added Twitter needs to stop discriminating against the Kashmiris as most of it’s IT staff is from India & their office is based there too. Its been observed many accounts are suspended without reasons or notified they have violated twitter rules when it’s not true. Each Kashmiri you talk to has had one or more accounts suspended over the years but Indian accounts & groups which are working in an organised manner are still there using bots, harrasing, abusing & trolling Kashmiris openly. You can see 4-5 trolls on each account trying to raise awareness to stop human rights violations. We demand twitter to stop behaving like a step mother by favouring India accounts against Kashmiri & Pakistani accounts. Same as it favours Israeli accounts against the innocent Palestinians accounts & its supporters.

Director Kashmir Information Cell TeK UK , Yahiya Akhtar said that Information Secretary of Tehreek-e-Kashmir UK Rehana Ali has also become a victim of Twitter on the Republic Day of Pakistan 23rd March 2021 when her account was suspended with the given reasons that she was reported for spam & manipulation which seems fake allegations because she is a known individual for her work not only as a the Information Secretary of TEK UK but also a Lecturer & Lawyer. She is also well known for her contribution being a Human Rights Activist, Central Adviser of International Digital Media Journalists Association, Public Relations Officer for Voice Kashmir & News 74 HD channels, Host for Live with Rehana with her above News channels & she is a Journalist too running Voice4Kashmir twitter account with her team which also got suspended a few days ago.

Rehana’s work for Kashmir is outstanding. She isn’t only highlighting the atrocities but even the draconian laws imposed & applied which are exampt with impunity provided to Indian Arm Forces under S7 of AFSPA 1990. Her work is highly appreciated like other Kashmiri social media activists which seems to be a threat for India because it’s famous to silent any voice on & offline against India in regards to Kashmir. We argue all journalists, Human rights activists & twitter users to campaign for Rehana Ali & request Twitter to unsuspend Rehana Ali asap because she hasn’t violated any twitter rules but spoke the truth which we see all over social media. The truth needs to be known if we believe in democracy & humanity.

The Information Secretary TEK UK Rehana Ali said she wasn’t even warned & her personal & work accounts were suspended. She didn’t get appeal emails for all of her accounts but her personal account with the allegation she was reported for spam & manipulation. Which are false allegations because she isn’t a fake ID or bot account to harass or spread spam but a public figure in the Pakistani Kashmiri community in UK. The other allegation was to manipulate which can’t be true because all Kashmiris connected to Kashmir’s struggle are 18 or over. Twitter needs to improve its standards to not allow minors to use it without parents guidance or to take part in politics or political debates then report. How can twitter allow minors to report on political views, war crimes or International Law violations in debates & take their reports seriously. Twitter is a platform for adults to raise their voices for a better society, county or world to live in harmony where fundamental human rights aren’t violated.

Ms Ali further stated her tweets contains factual information with draconian laws imposed in Indian occupied Jammu
& Kashmir which is a threat to India because it doesn’t like the world to know so imposed an media cut off with an illegal lockdown for more than 15 months so they suspended her account with false & baseless allegations. If her accounts aren’t unsuspended she might consider to take Twitter to court being a British citizen because Twitter is promoting occupation to support Indian supporters & employees on Twitter. Twitter has violated Article 10 of Humans Rights which states every individual is allowed to hold their own opinion even on Social Media. Just a note to Twitter, Social Media Law exists so they can’t do as it wishes or twitter will be exposed further.