KGC meeting reviews Indian atrocities being held in IOK


New York (News Desk) : Kashmir Global Council meeting has decided that Kashmiri people all over the world should expose the ongoing Indian state terrorism in Indian-occupied Kashmir and raise their voice against the illegal move taken by India on August 5, 2019. The meeting was chaired by Secretary General Saleem Nanaji while Council President Farooq Siddiqui addressed the meeting of the Board of Directors through video link.

The participants welcomed the release of the State Department’s annual US Human Rights Report in 2020, which included the massacre of unarmed Kashmiris by Indian forces in Indian-occupied Kashmir and ongoing atrocities, violating basic human rights and retaliation through black laws against those fighting for the right to freedom. According to the participants, the oppression and barbarism of the oppressed Kashmiris in Occupied Jammu and Kashmir by the Indian Army and agencies, religious freedom, freedom of expression and restrictions on the media, atrocities against women, political leadership and inhumane treatment of activists were highlighted. The meeting of Kashmir Global Council strongly condemned the unconstitutional and illegal amendment made in the Constitution by India on August 5, 2019 to show Jammu and Kashmir as part of India. The meeting appealed to the Kashmiri community in the United States, Europe and other countries to speak out against India’s move and, as the representative of Kashmiris, to tell the world that India’s move is unilateral and illegal. While agreeing on the proposal to set up a Kashmir Senate during the New York Summit on June 20, 2018, said that this method would also enable lower level representatives of the Kashmiri people to play a practical role. All members of the Kashmir Global Forum also expressed confidence in agreeing to the policies.