Pakistan’s Democracy in Catch-22


Naseebullah Achakzai
They were combined until the senate election. They have parted ways after the election of the leader of opposition in the senate. These couple of weeks have exposed our democratic system. No philosophy, no democratic norms and no morality persist on the part of political parties and their leadership Admittedly, non-democratic forces have no right to interfere in politics. But, what about the faults within the democratic leaders? The Pseudo democrats are equally dangerous for democracy as non-democratic forces. Hierarchy and dynastic political culture, lack of democratic norms and feudalism have dented the political culture in the country. These menaces have been huge obstacles in the way of true democracy. Notwithstanding, the presence of middle-class democratic leaders has been equal to none. Resultantly, the Pseudo democrats always compromise. They can neither observe the pressure nor abide by morality. They have lost their credibility and credence of people. Rather than formulation of productive policies, politician are themselves involved in mud slugging, defamation, slander, hate speech and incitement of the feelings of the laymen. It has been common that the political parties themselves cut the roots of the nursery of democracy by the postponement of local government institutions or usually do not held local government elections. Coming into power has been the jugular vein of any system. Democracy has also a defined system of government. Political parties have the right to contest election on their own manifestos. But, grabbing power by hook and by crook through any means is against the fundamentals of democracy. Sadly, the scenario in Pakistan is reversed. Almost every party has eyes towards non_democratic forces in the making of governments. Opposition and government have always been engaged in war of words, negative agenda setting, and lies. Despite a small number of politicians from both opposition and government who have democratic credentials, the rest are self-righteous and novice. Their focus has always been on power struggle rather than a fertile agenda for the common man. Such type of situation has further deteriorated the democratic polity. Political alliances and the formation of political parties are some of the most important features of democracy. Sorrowfully, in Pakistan, both are based on getting maximum self-benefits. The example of the PDM is in front of us whose agenda was to end the role of non-democratic forces in politics, but the recent election of opposition leader in the Senate has uncovered their hypocrytic faces. Further, the jumping of political leaders from one party to another has become a daily routine in Pakistan. The example of the BAP party is in front of us. Such type of black sheep (Lotas) have been the part and sting on the face of our democratic system for decades. Despite showing the neglecting them, the rest of the political parties are always in search of possible time to take back such turncoats (Lotas), blackmailers, and spoilers in the party for parliamentary elections. This shows the faults in political parties themselves. Although, democracy has not been evolved in Pakistan. It has conceded that non_democratic    interference has been a huge stumbling block in the smooth running and evolution of democracy but on the other side, the politicians themselves are also responsible for this sorry state of affairs. Until and unless politician themselves show commitment to democratic norms and philosophy, the dream of a truly democratic state cannot be redeemed.