No needed facilities small village


Jamal Rahim Hoshab
Tunk,s a small popular village which is the west side of Kech and that is away from Kech (one hundred thirty five ) kilometers actually Tunk is full of educated person in this modern time also this beautiful village is full of political person but unfortunately the public of Tunk is facing too many problems such as water problem , education problem , and hospital problem yet no-one is taking action about these problems. Furthermore , among these three problems is a basic needed thing in the life that is water the second is hospital without it no-one will be save also not run in a great life and the last education is a strong power for the world in the life. The finally first case is water due to lack of water they are being victim too many disease and it is our humble request to the government of Balochistan should take action about the all problems of Tunk also Mir Zahoor Buledi Sahib you are requested to solve these problem.