Neglecting unresolved human rights issues judge as inhumane attitude: Teller




Exclusive Interview of Renowned Danist Writer, Human Rights Activist Ms Janne Teller ( Tamgha-e-Pakistan)


ISLAMABAD,    (Parliament Timmes) :  President of Pakistan Dr Arif Alvi Conferred Tamgha-i-Pakistan to Renowned Danish Writer Ms Janne Teller on Pakistan Day i.e 23rd March 2021 for his services for Kashmir cause internationally.

Ms Teller has worked with conflict resolution & humanitarian issues all over the world, in places as diverse as Tanzania, Mozambique, Zimbabwe and Bangladesh. In 1995, she left her professional career with the United Nations to concentrate fully on her literary work. She has lived for years in Paris, Milan, New York, Berlin, London and Elsinore.

Ms Teller speaks very passionately about the plight of Kashmiris and has presented her support for Kashmir on various occasions, including the Danish parliament, City Halls, and events.

Chairman Jammu Kashmir Salvation Movement Altaf Ahmed Bhat congratulated Janne Teller and also thanked her for the dedication and commitment she has shown overtime for the image building of Pakistan and raising Human Rights Violations in Indian Illegally Occupied Jammu & Kashmir.

Editor Daily Kashmir Post International Ghulam Mohi ud din Dar also congratulated and welcomed Ms Janne Teller at Daily Kashmir Post’s Office in Islamabad.

G.M Dar: How do you feel about being awarded by Tamgha-i-Pakistan for your services for Kashmir Cause by President Pakistan?

Janne Teller: I started to involve with Pakistan because of good Pakistani Friends, and I learnt more about the Kashmir issue, I looked around and it was difficult to find someone who could talk about Kashmir in the west, then I started talking about Kashmir, also in Danish Parliament & different conferences & City Halls. I have been working on the Kashmir issue, and now I have been recognized by Pakistan by awarding me Tamgha-e-Pakistan, and I feel well. It’s the beginning of my work, it’s not the end, it offers me a platform as when I speak on the Kashmir issue, it will make it easier for me to speak up as I am now recognized by Pakistan.


G.M Dar: As you have been working with the UN in different parts of the world, and the Kashmir issue is on the agenda of the United Nations, there are several resolutions on it But still Why Kashmiris are not being given their right?

Janne Teller: Unfortunately, all my experience until now is all about power, and Economically India is more powerful, India has more weight in the UN than Pakistan, also Western companies have a stake in India economically. Declaration of Human Rights is the basis for safeguarding Basic Human Rights in the world, although they are being violated in different parts of the world as in Kashmir.

G.M Dar: What’s your opinion as a Writer about state terrorism on Children and Women in IIOJ&K?

Janne Teller: What I feel about Kashmiri children and young there is so little hope, as being so young you don’t see any future, where you will be free or you could have a choice, if India continues with the Policy of 5th August 2019, I think they ( India) are sitting on a boiling kettle if you lock up them for years and years and take away any hope they have of betterment they can only rebel. Several generations are traumatized. Many women are raped & treated horribly, I found this situation so sad, that seems like Kashmiri people are left alone, to perished, to be treated badly because the world doesn’t want to indulge, or considers it a bilateral issue between Pakistan and India.

G.M Dar: Kashmir is the only issue between Pakistan & India and both being Nuclear Powers there could be a Nuclear War. What does the International Community think about the solution to the Kashmir Issue?

Jane Teller: If you leave an issue of Human Rights unresolved such as in Kashmir for so long, then how can then claim we should stand up for human rights elsewhere? Possible Nuclear war between Pakistan and India is a very horrible thing looming, but even without that, we might face very dangerous things are too many burning issues undealt with like Kashmir issue.

Another issue that is dangerous and already in many parts of the world is Neo Nationalism which has similarities with the Hindu Nationalism Modi stands for and promoting, created this policy towards Kashmir after revoking the special status of Kashmir.


G.M Dar: Journalism has become a crime in Kashmir, Journalists are being killed for showing the truth. How you will aware of the International Community of the situations in Kashmir?


Janne Teller: I intend to aware International writers about it, will create awareness, the more people say about it, the fewer politicians could look away. The demographic changes are now vivid in Kashmir if the world waits too long any form of referendum could not be valid. We have to make sure anybody from the outside who moves or comes into Kashmir has no right to vote. The Intl community must force that the referendum can take place, it’s the key I think is the main thing to resolve this issue.

G.M Dar: What is your message as a Human Being for Oppressed women and Children who are resisting more than a million Indian Armed Forces in Kashmir?


Janne Teller: You will not be forgotten, you are living in a constraint situation, do the little you can to overcome them, just a little bit. Because that gives a little bit of control back and it will give hope to the people that they can control back their lives.