Justice for teachers


Altaf Adam
The overall educational departments and all other employees across the province held protest in demand of increase in salaries for five days. The males and females reached in Quetta from remote areas of Balochistan in severe cold weather and are protesting for last five days for the support of their demands. But unfortunately, they have not recieved any response from government so far. Apart from being effected by the severe cold weather also their life is at the risk of being effected from amid threat of pandemic due to high number of getherings day to night. They remained deprived from their demands. Their demand is 25% increase in their salaries. They have added that “Untill the increasing notification of salaries does not come, we continue our protest”. Government offered failure towards ongoing issue and ignored it and that might be harmful for them and also for their families because of covid threat.Moreover, during this protest all educational institutes are closed by which students are getting perturbation in their studying. The number of measures should be undertaken on the issue so that teachers should get their demands and remain safe from hard situation.