New hopes?


It was a highly demanding day in the history of Pakistan, when PM of India Mr. Narendra Modi willingly sent a letter to the PM of Pakistan Mr. Imran Khan maintaining that Mr. Modi expresses his good wishes on the occasion of Pakistan Day. Also, India wants a cordial relationship with the people of Pakistan according to the letter. All know that there is no good reminder in Pak-India’s relations at the national level, in the background and in the foreground. While, after the partition of 1947, things never got better on both sides. Violences and riots have always spread in the name of religion between Pakistan and India and are still emerging today between soldiers at both nations and across the border. Also, the Republic of Pakistan should recall that Pak-India relations are so complicated that India was not ready to play cricket with Pakistan. In the past there have been major wars between the two countries, both of which have caused huge casualties. Now forgetting all that both would establish good diplomatic relations with each other so Modi and Khan must change attitudes and behaviors towards another’s nation when it comes to the responsibility. Now Imran Khan, who is initially showing gentleness for India in his statement, takes a big test for how he can improve relations with India. He was also saying that we would also go forward to solve the Kashmir issue as one could find a solution. For the little experienced Pakistani new prime minister, foreign affairs, including foreign relations with India, has always been a big challenge. Now he can see how wise he can improve foreign relations. Here, the country is grappling for serious problems, Covid-19 including the deteriorating state of the economy, unemployment, low-level terrorism, bribery and water and food scarcity, while the value of the rupee is rising to the bottom, as well as from IMF and World Bank loans on income. So now, Imran Khan, who is sitting in the prime minister’s House of Examiners, looks at how much he can give better results in the national interest and what strategies can he succeed in fulfilling his promise of change.