Pessimistic Mind

Zaiwer Baqi Sajidi
Few days prior, while sitting in my room, a question appeared in my mind that why do I think negatively about other people and situations like it is only wastage of time. At any moment, I start reading or doing any assignment, my main focus goes to thinking negatively and I repeatedly read one chapter but nothing sits in my mind. Once, I was talking with one of my friends and asked her “Do you like to be fashionable all the time.” My purpose wasn’t to hurt her, but she got hurt. She asked, “how do you know”? I replied, “because of your dressing”. Too boot, her cousin also told me that being fashionable isn’t bad. I replied both of them that I didn’t mean to criticize her. Consequently, I realized that it is not only me who take things in negative manner but also others do, and in fact, thinking negatively suppose to be a natural trait in human beings. Nevertheless, getting through the real intentions of a person is truly hard and one can’t get to know how people are in reality? To make a summary of, it is very hard to stop thinking  negatively, but I am trying my best to eradicate this bad habit from my nature.

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