Solving Kashmir Conundrum Needs Combine Efforts: Bhat

Srinagar,(Parliament Times) :  JK Salvation Movement chairman Altaf Ahmad Bhat on Tuesday said that Pakistan should make it a priority in its national policy and take the Kashmir issue in all forums of the world. The world needs to stand with caged and suppressed people of Jammu and Kashmir, he added.

Congratulating the people of Pakistan and its establishment, Altaf Ahmad Bhat stressed effective and combined efforts to resolve the Kashmir issue.
Altaf Ahmad Bhat termed Pakistan as “Center of Hope” of Muslim Ummah and said that the country was a great blessing for Muslims. While greeting the Pakistan government, Pakistan Army and the people of Pakistan on the Pakistan Resolution Day, Altaf Ahmad Bhat said that Pakistan stood with us and even was bifurcated because of its unconditional support to besieged people of Kashmir and other occupied nations. Pakistan has political and geographical importance in the Muslim world and this country is the centre of hope not only for the Sub-continent but for the whole Muslim Ummah, he added.
Pakistan should remember that the people of Jammu Kashmir are frontline soldiers for this country and we believe they equally share our pain and agony, Altaf Ahmad Bhat said, while addressing the core group of his party.
Pakistan was a dream and Qaied e Azam Mohammad Ali Jinnah and Dr Iqbal accomplished this dream for those who were driven from their home and killed.
Paying glorious tributes to those who strived and sacrificed their lives for the creation of Pakistan, Altaf Ahmad Bhat said that ‘unparalleled sacrifices were presented’ for its creation & Pakistan has proven to be a great blessing for the Muslims and “we should thank Almighty Allah for that”.
23 March is a blessed day he added, saying such an important day when a resolution was passed for the creation of a separate nation for the Muslims some 74 years back & it is a dream realized when divisive forces were opposing against its creation.
“Creation of Pakistan is a golden chapter in history and we should thank Allah for its creation and work for its stability and progress, Altaf Ahmad Bhat said.

Thanking Pakistan for its unconditional support, Altaf Ahmad Bhat said that since last 74 years Pakistan openly supported the right to self-determination of Kashmiris and helps them on political, diplomatic and moral levels. We are thankful to them and pray for its progress and stability, said Altaf Ahmad and added that stable and powerful Pakistan is a must for resolution of the Kashmir issue.
Hailing Pakistan for its unflinching support for the Kashmir cause, Altaf Ahmad Bhat said that we hope that they will continue to serve and help our cause for freedom.

Chairman JKSM impressed authorities and all political and religious parties in Pakistan to impress upon the World Body to implement UN resolutions in letter and spirit.
Paying glorious and heartfelt tributes to commander Shaheed Ab Majid Dar on his 18th martyrdom anniversary, Altaf Ahmad Bhat said that he was a founder member of the revolution and dedicated solider of the movement. Nation will never forget services rendered by him as he awakened people from a deep slumber, said Altaf Ahmad Bhat in his statement.
Dar was intellectual par excellence, said Altaf Ahmad Bhat, saying he changed the history of Jammu Kashmir and led a historical people’s revolution for freedom. Under the banner of Tehreek Jahad E Islami. Shaheed Majid Dar was a great son of the soil whose sacrifices will always be remembered,” he added.
Terming Shaheed Ab Majid Dar as a born leader, JK salvation Movement Chairman said that “Dar was a humble slave of Almighty Allah who tried to take his every step was for truth and justice. He was a symbol of Courage, fearlessness, piousness, and passion, resistance against illegal occupation, injustice and tyranny,” Bhat said.

He was courageous, brave and full of spirits, he added, saying “torture cells, jails and other oppression were not able to deter him from his path and he stood firm for freedom movement till his last breath.” Today when we are recalling the sacrifice of our beloved leader, we reiterate our pledge to take their mission forward at every cost,” he said.

According to the spokesperson, a prayer meeting in connection with the “martyrdom day of Ab Majid Dar, Shopian martyrs and other martyrs was held at the central office at Srinagar today. Addressing the meeting, the chairman said that the blood of these martyrs will not be allowed to go in vain and the nation will never forget the sacrifices rendered by martyrs.
Martyrs sacrificed their future for us and now we are duty-bound to safeguard and pursue their mission.

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