By Kamran Khamiso Khowaja

Sujawal: The residents of Jati town took to the streets against power suspension in ward 1 and ward 2 of the town. Carrying play cards, Traders, members of Civil society and others staged a sit-in at Madani Chowk to record their protest against prolonged power suspension.
The protesters told the reporters that the power was deliberately switched off to ward no 1 and 2 of the town for 10 days that had plunged half of the town into darkness.
Head of Jati action committee Wafa Ghulam Mustafa Shah said the power outage had crippled life in Jati and the business community had faced huge losses following a constant power outage.
He said that power suspension had triggered water shortage and people were braving scorching heat and other problems owing to that. Lambasting the reluctant approach of WAPDA officials he said that they had failed to provide relief to the citizens who were paying electricity bills regularly.
Adil Aligarh said that all their efforts for restoration of power supply proved futile and if WAPDA officials continued with their torpid attitude towards the issue they would widen the scope of their protest.


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