By Faizan Saif Solangi
Woman March is a propaganda Imposed by foreign policies through their media, especially this propaganded process started by Western culture to impose their culture and trems and conditions to break down the strength of Islamic cultural nation. Firstly they rise out the sign of this word gender equility only to break down the strength of our Islamic cultural country There are many other Islamic countries are present in the world like Afghanistan,Iran Iraq and Saudi Arabia but the Pakistan is only Islamic country who passes atomic power. So foreign countries cannot do anything to lay us down, So they started this process to make our roots and basic very weak then the Pakistan should be wounded in this process that they can attack on us and still out our resources ETC By having it aside there are many International issues are under the observation in Pakistan.
Like CPEC Afghanistan peace process, Kashmir dispute and so on but if our inter nation will started fighting in between then they all can attack on us and break down our all the strengths, furthermore Pakistan is about to come in the Green line of financial action task force So if the Destruction will start in the entire country that the expense will increase likewise our country will remain in Grey list of financial action task force. But concerning these all things we are religious country people like wise we have some terms and conditions to survive our life on that cautions There’s no doubt the day by day the world is becoming more advanced and modern to live but there are many other religious too,which are applying their whole efforts to keep their terms and conditions with themselves. Like this there are many rules to differentiate between the gender, women’s have their own way and men have their own way to survive on that We cannot apply the women’s way to live they cannot apply our way to live. But by crossing it all we have given them some more authorities to become calm and move out of their home,It does not mean that they can do all the desires. And Islamic culture one thing is very essential for the woman is “hejab” They do not have any kind of the permission to lose or leave it,after that they should be housewife as well as maintain their dressing. They have right to be independent and “ALLAHUMDULLILLAH”they are but they do not know about women’s are driving cars, riding bikes, doing jobs ,doing shopping run business and so on. But with this all thing they have to be dependent of “HIJAB” follower of family and husband and stay at home about 4th to 3rd part of the day, But now they are wanting to be fully leaved women’s like if they wear very short clothes ,visit late night ,having illegal relationship and no one can stop them so it is totally wrong and unacceptable for every person in Pakistan. they are totally unaware, what they are doing is not their wish and will to do so it is pre-planned war by western culture is known as “BRAIN WASH WAR”. By this process they have two benefits one they can destroy a religious culture second they will attack on our country by breaking our basses, so it is very important for all of us to understand their propaganda and be united to each other to drop their plan.


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