Fall of Nations

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Malik Muhammad Aslam Awan
Since the creation of Universe and inception of living on the earth uncountable civilizations came into being and flourished for long but ultimately smashed within no time. Extinction of civilizations was mainly due to the fact that they violated the divine laws. God Almighty had given all civilized nations a code of ethics, those who violated the Divine laws were given too much time to abandon bad habits, those who remained    adamant in their negative, nonsense, rubbish habits were awarded with severe punishments. Fall of nations have many causes, which can be traced in their ultimate ruine. Economic progress is always considered the success of a nation but Divine principles are reverse. Ethics, principles, righteous code plays a pivotal role in the success of a nation, Quom-e-Aad, Quom-e-Samood, Quom-e-Loot, Quom-e-Nooh are magnificent examples to enumerate the nations, who met the fate of those who disobeyed Divine injunctions. Having a critical glance over the gloomy fate of those nations one would arrive at the decision that lasciviousness and satyrical instincts of those nations was the main cause of their debacle-extinction in toto. Our Country finds its ideological basis on the oneness of God and belief on the Last Prophet, that his Sharia is exclusively binding on the followers of Islam. So long as we will remain stuck to the Islamic Principles we will remain the blessed nation but as soon as we start defying the Islamic values we will go head-way down to prostrate to worldly gains. After the advent of the Holy Prophet Muhammad (MPUH) Islam emerged as the single largest horizontal fact. The illiterate Arabs, illumined by Islamic teachings spread all round the globe to illumine the human mind with the sparking light of Islamic teachings. Before the advent of Muhammad (SAW) the last Prophet, the Arabs used to bury their daughters alive to save their pride and honour. They were under the oblivious thought that daughters cause harm to their ancestors, prestige and the birth of a daughter in their house is a shameful matter. After the death of father, the son used to marry the widows of his father. Womenfolk were treated as animals, the ownership of whose was transferrable as property – bequeathed by their forefathers. Islam endowed the women the rights equal to that of men. Islam prohibits its followers to treat womenfolk like animals. As mother, Islam declared that “Heaven is under the feet of mother” and as daughter women deserve most revered placed. As sister, she is so respectful and at the highest pedestal of honour. Hazrat Muhammad (SAW) held her daughter, Fatima, in highest esteem and declared that she is the “Sardar” of the women of Heaven. Women even in all relations as mother, as daughter, as sister is most respectful and stands at highest peak of honour. Intermittently a clique of perversed women come out of their safe heavens to shout at public places that they are the champions of women rights and would take rights of women by force. These cliques hail from disgruntled families shout forcefully that women be liberated to do what they like. Actually they are quiet ignorant of the fact that Islam through the Last Prophet had endowed women with the highest pedestal of honour and respect, that no other religion of the world had ever endowed. Actually those disgruntled segments of society do not want respect, they work under a specific agenda to spread their lascivious habits in society. They don’t want respect for womenfolk but throw down them from the place of honour and make women a being, having no respect. In west despite all liberties women don’t have honour and a large number of women don’t marry a man and produce children, and such children    don’t know who are their fathers and what is their right in society. Such children live like animals, work like donkeys and have discontented asleep, have no pride in their dynastic trail. Nations always stand on firm ethical and religious foundation to continue for long. Disgruntled segments of society especially dissipated women are transgressing natural laws, which are ample guarantee to the safeguard the societal firm texture. Their satyriasis belief is most likely to seriously damage the norms of society, on which the strong building of culture stands firmly. Analytical survey of the rise and fall of nations reveal that strong nations have firm belief on laws of nature and breakage of laws of nature cause fall of that nation, which don’t care to follow the principles of piety, fair play, Justice, equity. Nudity and shameless living don’t contribute to vitals of humanity rather a savage life, or the life of caves and stone age, where human beings lived and copulated like animals, having no family trails. It is the law of nature that every thing sooner or later retreat to its origin, vice oriented people relapse into perversion and the gender having decent origin stand firm on the principles bestowed by the Creator of the Universe – Allah Almighty, the omniscient, the omnipotent, the omnipresent, who is always here to guide the virtuous and pious people, who will have their eternal abode in Heavens.

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