Nagina Swal Jan
Covid-19 which became a debate apparent topic to delimit that is increasing day by day. By which people are being inviolable and quintessentially ready to surrive themselves. Covid-19 which is expanding over all wrold and making the people to kick the backet. All the experts predict that covid-19 will not go easily so we have to take such steps to controll it. Experts are ourring to kaput covid-19 but it’s spreading day by day and yet not being controlled by countries . Last month first February in punjab many cases accured . 28 covid patients were admitted in hospital as well 526 people tested Positive for the covid-19 during the last 29 hours in punjab And one of the new confirmed cases 313 were reported from lahore . Now also it effecting sultry areas such as balochistan’s areas which were safe , but now as well as case are reporting in Balochistan lottest areas .I requested to balochistan people to wear mask for their safety and follow the Sops as well.


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