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ISLAMABAD,(Parliament Times) : Special Assistant to the Chief Minister Punjab and senior PTI leader Sardar Tanveer Ilyas Khan while expressing the views in an interview with journalists has said that no formula for the partition of Kashmir is being considered anywhere in Pakistan. Nor will we accept any formula for the partition of Kashmir. He said that Azad Kashmir would not be made a province. He said that It is unacceptable to destroy the state identity, but I suggest that while maintaining the state setup, Azad Kashmir should be represented in the National Assembly and Senate without affecting the independence movement so that our people can become part of the national mainstream. He said that PTI shall change the existing state administrative structure by constituting a government with a two-thirds majority in the Azad Kashmir elections and will pave the way for such construction and development through foreign investors that the region will become a role model. He said that Many members of the ruling party of Nawaz League are in touch to join the PTI. Alliances in politics are always less harmful and more beneficial. He said that whether the PTI joins the Muslim Conference or any political party or not the final decision will be made by Prime Minister Imran Khan himself. He said that

If PTI forms the government, our government will bring a better and more efficient system of accountability in Azad Kashmir than NAB. At present, our main objective is to work together with Barrister Sultan Mahmood and other party leaders for the strength and success of the party.

He said that From which constituencies will I contest elections? The final decision on whether or not to be part of the government will be made by Chairman Imran Khan and the party’s central leadership. The Journalists asked about the partition of Kashmir and Gilgit-Baltistan in reply Sardar Tanveer Ilyas Khan said that the people of Gilgit-Baltistan are raising their voices for their political and fundamental rights. He said that giving them rights will not affect the Kashmir issue. He said that those who are sacrificing their lives in occupied Kashmir are giving their lives for Pakistan and for independence from India. He said that

Kashmiris want to stay with Pakistan that is why India is afraid of a referendum that Kashmiris will go with Pakistan, for the same fear India is settling non-state residents in Kashmir and India has changed its constitution to give Kashmir. It also tried to make it a constitutional part but we believe that India cannot satisfy Kashmiris with such tactics and prevent them from freedom. While replying to a question of whether there would be an electoral alliance between the PTI and the Muslim Conference in Azad Kashmir, Sardar Tanveer Ilyas Khan said that Prime Minister Imran Khan had made the most difficult decision to gain the confidence of the Assembly immediately after the Senate elections. And when he took the vote of confidence, the PDM’s propaganda died down. He said that all our allies have been standing with the government and the PTI in giving a vote of confidence to the Prime Minister. Sardar Tanveer Ilyas Khan said that in my personal opinion, it is not bad to unite in politics, the harms are always less and the benefits are always more. Sardar Tanveer Ilyas Khan in a reply to a question regarding non-accountability in Azad Kashmir said that accountability was also not so easy even in Punjab, cases of influential big business people are in NAB. Assets do not exceed income and people and institutions have every right to ask questions, conduct research and take action. And people and institutions have every right to ask questions, investigate and take action, and the country and society move forward with the process of accountability. Sardar Tanveer Ilyas Khan said that if our government is formed in Azad Kashmir, we will try to bring a better system than NAB for accountability, no one should be left out of the accountability process. He said that If someone has made assets from legitimate income then it is his right but if someone has made his assets by robbing the public treasury then he must be held accountable and punished. The Journalists asked about his participation in Azad Kashmir politics, Sardar Tanveer Ilyas Khan said that the way we do business in Pakistan, businessmen like us are reluctant to go to the hot valleys of politics, businessmen are mostly involved in forming governments. He added that working behind the scenes, business people have a hand in making people successful. He said that our group is also one of the few big business groups in Pakistan. He said that when the Prime Minister of Pakistan and Chairman PTI Imran Khan called me and said that you have done a lot of work as a technocrat, now you have to formally participate in politics as we need you there so I have come in Azad Kashmir politics. He said that I told the prime minister of pakistan that when we do business we face difficulties in getting into politics. We sit in Pakistan and talk about western democracy. But, in our traditional politics, the arrival and disagreement of others is not tolerated. He added that politics can not give me anything special but because of us the politics of Azad Kashmir and the people have to benefit something, the same big I am participating in politics for the purpose. Replying to a question, Sardar Tanveer Ilyas Khan said, “I have started my politics from the platform of PTI. I am trying to ensure that PTI wins the elections with a two-thirds majority. All those working for PTI people are respectable, we should try to form the PTI government, whether the party president is Barrister Sultan Mahmood or myself or our other senior people, we have not only contested from our constituency but we have won every constituency. Sardar Tanveer Ilyas Khan said that if PTI forms the government in Azad Kashmir, it will give rights to the ideological people of the party. He said that the PTI government was formed in Azad Kashmir and if I became a part of this government then I will not start any business in Azad Kashmir. But our business group can take any step at any time if they want to do business or invest in Azad Kashmir. Sardar Tanveer Ilyas Khan said that my vision for the development of Azad Kashmir is far ahead. He said that I see a state that will be exemplified, we will show Azad Kashmir as the best model not by rhetoric but by our actions. He said that

I want to tell the people of Azad Kashmir that if we are in the government of Azad Kashmir, we will give you the changed Azad Kashmir of which you will all be proud. Answering a question, Sardar Tanveer Ilyas said that Barrister Sultan Mahmood Chaudhry is our brother Yes, as the party president, he has been a member of the party’s core committee since 2017. He has not been nominated yet but he is already a member of the core committee. PTI is like a house. We may have differences of opinion. He said that there is no disagreement with Barrister Sultan Mahmood Chaudhry. We are strengthening the party together and we are trying to give the party a two-thirds majority in the coming elections. The interest of the party is paramount.

Replying to a question on PTI’s parliamentary board, Sardar Tanveer Ilyas Khan said that the parliamentary board is headed by Arshad Dad Karr and no one should have any doubt about his party affiliation, competence and non-controversy. He said that members of the Parliamentary Board who are candidates from the constituencies themselves will not be able to attend the meeting at the time of ticket decision for their constituency. The population of Azad Kashmir is 4 to 5 million, the non-developmental part of the budget of Azad Kashmir is very high and the development budget is low. He said that Investors in Azad Kashmir will have to be brought under the BOT model which will play a key role in development and construction there. A small region can be transformed in a very short time, said Sardar Tanveer Ilyas Khan. He said that people have proved their mettle all over the world through their hard work. If we provide opportunities to these capable people here, they can play an important role in making the state an ideal region.

Sardar Tanveer Ilyas Khan in reply to a question said that the best facilities will be provided to the disabled i.e. special persons in Azad Kashmir. He said that there is a need for more water in Azad Kashmir is getting polluted, diseases are also increasing due to population growth and lack of proper sewage management. In this regard, we will come up with a complete plan, we will also come up with a plan for local production of agriculture in Azad Kashmir. He said that there is a great need for work in the tourism sector in Azad Kashmir, this sector has been neglected, we will come up with a complete plan to develop tourism. They will come up with a complete plan for employment, health, education and other sectors. Sardar Tanveer Ilyas Khan, in reply to a question about substandard food items in Azad Kashmir, said that he was also the head of Punjab Food Authority and the teams of Azad Kashmir Food Authority were also trained by the people of our authority. After staying and working there should have been an end to adulteration of food and drink but according to our information all the defective items from Pindi are going to Azad Kashmir and people use them, immediate action was taken against those who play with the lives of citizens Should go, the disease should not be bought by paying money. Sardar Tanveer Ilyas Khan in response to a question said that we have been doing business from the beginning, we have business in the Middle East especially in Saudi Arabia, we work more in the field of construction. He said that my father Sardar Ilyas Khan is the head of Tamimi Group of Companies in Saudi Arabia. The group has 10 companies and 25,000 employees of which 10,000 Pakistanis are employed and about 6,000 to 7,000 of these 10,000 Pakistani employees. In Pakistan, 13 companies of our group are working in different sectors. At present, about 5,000 people are working in our various projects in Islamabad. Most of the people who work with us in Saudi Arabia or Pakistan are from Poonch Division. Sardar Tanveer Ilyas Khan said that difficulties in business come to everyone, the region in which we live has been a British colony for a long time and the rulers always create an administrative structure to control the colonies through which they to rule easily, the British left our country, but the ruling and subjugated administrative model is still in place. He said that those who still want to do business or any other important work, our bureaucracy has a conducive environment and instead of providing facilities, they create more difficulties for it. He concluded that we also faced difficulties but with difficulties came ease. Sardar Tanveer Ilyas Khan, in response to a question regarding his education, said that he did LL in Shariah and Law from International Islamic University Islamabad, also did MBA and also has a degree in Journalism.



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