Rawalpindi,   (Parliament Times) :   Unemployed youth with higher education can be provided with reasonable employment opportunities by equipping them with professional skills in the fields of tax, audit and accounts. This will also lead to full and equitable tax recoveries in national exchequer.

These views were expressed by Khalid Nawaz, Chief Executive Officer, Knight Human Management Shalan GL, an organization protecting the employment and rights of overseas Pakistanis, as a special guest at a training session for Professional Tax Advisors students organized by Mastermind here on Friday.

Khalid Nawaz said that owing to not fully aware of the tax laws, the tax payers always remained afraid of the FBR and indulge in undesirable practices with some corrupt officials resulting in loss of national exchequer and they remains unsatisfied. “There are many opportunities for students to have honourable and reliable employment in the field of professional tax advisors.

He also admired the launch of tax advisory courses by Masterminds and asked the students to acquire these skills with full diligence and attention. He asked the government to promote training facilities for training professionals in tax, accounts and audit which would not only provide employment opportunities to the youth in industry, trade and other fields but it will also ensure fair collection of taxes from the taxpayers. “These courses can be learned quickly due to their short duration”, Khalid added saying more that these experts would free the taxpayers from fear by making them fully aware of the relevant tax laws and would play an important role in promoting the tax culture.

He said that taxpayers were not aware of laws about tax registration and changes in it, change in tax rate, input and output of tax, payment and entitlement of taxpayers, refund, third schedule, eleventh and sales tax schedule and other laws including value of supply. “Due to this un-awareness taxpayers are exploited and even the entire tax cannot reach in the national treasury”, he mentioned. Khalid further said that Masterminds training courses will solve these problems which need to be taught on a large scale so that the tax culture in our country can flourish easily.


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