Haneef Baluch Sajidi
In this world everyone has their best friends . Who is the closest and most special person in some one life. A best friend is someone with whom we share all of the most important and crucial things in our life. Best friends always support each other in everything they do. They are all the time to eachother when they face difficulties or when they are doing enjoyingment with other friends to another. Every one in this world are there they all have friends. The one which I am going to talk about is my best friend is Mudasir. Who I met in school when I was studying in Matric class in the Educator school Hub campus. From that time he become one of the most good friend for me. He always helps me to become a better person. We plan our weekends and enjoy together. My best friend is the person who makes me happy and deserves all my love and attention. He  never tries doing bad thing such as, smoking, fighting with other people. Since many years he has been my support system and my strength. No one can take the place of my best friend Mudasir in my life. I am very thank of him who is always with me.


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