Why Our society is on decline?

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Sayed Sajid Shah
Society is group of people who interact with each other in the same locality, live with peace and honor and share the responsibilities amongst the groups in a social and decent way. The individual theme is not considered and valued in a developed society, because it isolates the people from one another and always, shatter the collective efforts to achieve the targets as a nation. We can see how many countries in the world had developed their systems and adopted standard procedures (195 countries in all).There could be hardly, an country where the laws are different for haves and haves not except ours. The developed societies can withstand any pressure and hazard but would never compromises on basic rights violations at all. The division amongst the people on the basis of cast, creed colour and culture always breed hate , it turns the people to be volatile, vulnerable and aggressive as well. In such society’s endurance recherche, the economic and political situation become worst and the people disguise a shape of hostility, jealousy and greedy nature. Unfortunately, we had lost the basic theme of society development described by our religion where equity, equality, justice, sacrifices and humanity are the primary virtues for humans to be adopted. Now the individual efforts had motivated our society, for gaining more lust , power and wealth. So, it is in fact a Materialist approach. We do not analyses our nation nor do we compete with the rest of the world who got extra ordinary position on in the field of education, health and social security services on World Human Development Index(HDI). Today, Pakistan is standing far behind even in SAARC countries in the region. Even in the field of education, health, social justice, clean drinking water, social services delivery paksitan is at the bottom. It is a matter of great concern that we have got last position in multi-dimensional indicators index and behind even from India, Bhutan, Maldives , Bangladesh and from Afghanistan. The reason is very simple that we don’t have any idea nor any thinking for the development of our society and competition with the world.    The demoralization process of communities has further provoked our society, where the families, like minded groups could be found in streets for getting their basic rights, solving their problems and deprivations after abusage’s of each other. The presence of any strong political party to design, practice and implement the laws become weakest even though, the number of protesters, political leaders had increased up to maximum level. in a society, where Life span is very less especially, in Pakistan it never goes up behind 63 age because the basic indicators for successful life or happiness could be missing. Just look more than fifty percent people in Pakistan are living below the poverty line, it means half of its population, and more than twenty million people have no shelter so they are living like Gypsy. One third of our youth do not have jobs, even those who have had jobs they do not possess security so what? Half of our population especially the women are illiterate. The norms and traditions of our society, had enriched and mixed international brands than their own. The Media has captured our youngest in the sorcerous magic where they are following the film actress as their model to be followed blindly. The continuous movies full of vulgarism and nudity had destroyed the future of our youngest. We had no idea about our religion and maximum people had mix culture with Hindus and Sikhs tradition. The universe has no boundaries and limits but the life has, so it should be spent under the umbrella of colorful opportunities and standards with positive thinking. A new study research had shared its findings that a healthy and prosperous society, demands people with creative mind, talents, vision. The life is so simple but we have made it complicated. Unfortunately, the arrogance, ego and sometimes the superiority complex causes enmity, jealousy and tension so we may stop it as a nation. The killing, brutalities, bombings the innocents and molestation of babies must be stopped as it has destroyed our name , culture and fame abroad. The life is so short,but we consume it in negative and bunkum activities. Unfortunately, we have surrounded by a layer of illiberality, narrow nationalism, ego and deliration. Our society does not accept a person with Good behavior and best character yet,it accepts person with power, wealth and arrogance and we always promote such people and culture . The human virtue like truth, sincerity ,morality has deformed structure in our society. It is a time to think, rethink as a nation and to develop our society according to a level its need for survival on the planet and every one should play his/her role positively to be exclude it from the decline list.

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