The Art of Winning hearts

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“Influential people don’t browbeat. they lead, win hearts and inspire others,
Iqra Sial,
Winning heart is very simple but difficult too, it’s an art. It is an art not everyone can perform, but I can say that this art can also be learned. How many people try simple and innovative ways to win hearts which reflect with strong bonding throughout entire life? Let’s try ask to ask some questions to understand it more deeply. • Heart loves simplicity but mind is attached towards complexity. Are you simple or complex? Are you an influencer or not? Do you provide opportunities for others? Did you ever check your convincing skills? Do you use logic or love to win people’s heart? What you like in others, who won your heart and how you win others? Do you keep aside your ego while winning others heart? Do people trust you? So winning the hearts create strong bonding comparable to logical convincing of mind. Love is the basic ingredient in winning heart but may    be absent in case of mind. Its an art that’s make others feel good about themselves. It bring joy, peace and compassion in relations. Heart winning attitude helps you to live natural life. It reduces stress too. The key of winning hearts is continuous effort, no matter how hard hearted the person is, we can win their heart. How to win hearts? Use simple and right words: words are the facial expressions of your mind. They communicate your attitude, personality and perspective. Wrong words give the wrong impression. Active voice with short and simple words helps you to connect hearts easily. A great man is one sentence.Acceptance: everyone is better than you at something. When you live with acceptance not rejection, then this attitude of your nature connect bonding with others more easily. Accept others as they are without imposing your own values. Never take credit: never try to take the credit for any accomplishment or success. Trust and help others: always act with honesty and help them. Allow people to live their moment. Don’t rush to give advice and change the subject while communicating. Use metaphors: practice right metaphor at right time simply blows heart. “your brain is computer”. “ thank you so much, you are an angel” “ you are mu sunshine”. try to listen to them. Show them that you’re really interested. Drop in some phrases like “that’s amazing!” “Wow, really?” “That’s so interesting!” Most importantly practice a lot on communication: Learn how to communicate properly and keep practicing by talking to people who are out of your comfort zone. Time your conversations properly. Make eye contact: take their name often and smile. Don’t come out as a creep though. Story telling: every story is a sequence of small incidences and remains long with deep impact on mind. the art of storytelling helps in winning hearts. Deliver silence: the language of heart is always beyond words. Silent and nonverbal expression also communicates a lot. Learn to be silent for some time and express yourself with silence or through language of eyes to connect heart. Add light hearted humor. And don’t make fun of them or other people in front of them. Don’t talk about other people unless for specific reasons. Be gentle and soft spoken. Don’t be rude or harsh in your words or body language. Be patient. Those were some features of people who easily seem to be compatible with the others and also who easily can make a lot of good friends by winning hearts.

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