Alarming increase of Covid-19

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Altaf Adam
Once again the number of covid-19 new infection cases are rising across the country.As saveral hundred cases are being reported in the daily bases in the recent month.In last month the total new infection cases were just not more then 1,100 in a day.But recently daily cases jumping near to    2,000 In a day. Furthermore once again many educational institutions were sealed due to high rise of covid19 cases in the institutions. On the other hand the educational minister has taken dicision of reclosing the educational institutions across the country and many institutions are reclosed in Punjab,Kpk and sindh already due to alarm rise of covid cases. In many cities micro-lockdown enforced. I urge the countrymen to follow precautions and avoid stepping out from the home without any purpose.Other way Government should root out the covid and let schools to be opened.

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