Need approach to field survey and pre testing to achieve better results: Dr Khalid


ISLAMABAD (Parliament Times):The objectives and target population of livestock farmers and field vetraninan for assessing KAP on AMU, animal health management and drug prescription were finalized through provincial consultation.

The consultative meeting led by Dr Javeria, aimed to achieve consensus from the federal and provincial stakeholders regarding Antimicrobial Resistance Surveillance. The experts reiterated the importance of data collection; analysing the current behaviour; considering the social and cultural context in which behaviour is taking place; utilizing multiple reinforcing channels and different message dosage; continually measuring pre-set input, output, outcome and impact indicators for the interventions; and anticipating and avoiding unintended consequences. The presentations provided valuable insight into behaviour change that contributed significantly to the AMR.

Dr Khalid Naeem the One Health consultant stressed the need of taking progressive approach for field surveys. Dr Muhammad Afzal Project coordinator FAO Pakistan emphasised the need for pre testing of the questionars before they are administerd in the field. Dr Usman Zaheer Animal Survelliance lead he thanked the participants for their valuable input.

The priorities identified by the expert consultation will be shared throughout the relevant teams across across the country to determine their feasibility, the resources required and the most appropriate technical area within which to advance the work; and how corresponding behaviour change can be mainstreamed.