Career Counseling

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Farrah Ghani Memon
Education is a powerful instrument of economic and political transformation concomitant world events, technology, and democracy. Therefore, it is necessary to improve the quality of education at different levels of education. Quality is one of the most important things in an educational system. There are likely many different ideas about quality. Quality of developing an environment where teachers, parents, government officials, community representatives, and business directors working together to provide students with the resources to meet current and the future academic and business and the changes maintaining the quality of education has become an entire program at all levels of education and even at the primary level. The aspect of basic education is important not only for the preparation of those successive educational levels but to provide the basic life skills critical. Quality education also confirms considerable equality of access and that is mainly due to the media and organizations have committed information developments in  the quality of education. Vocational activity and preparing the workforce is an important function of the proficient school consultant. In our country, Pakistan, the methods of career counseling are facing a real tough time as there is a low rate of counseling for students. As an outcome, the students who pass their higher education examination in fly colors are powerless to find a single job. The major reason standing behind it seems to be the mismatch between their skills and the demands of the employers. Our students are lagging behind the students from other countries just due to the reason that they have no polished skills. Their all improvement and success is only their own there is no participation of any other in it. Parental Effect on Career. Parents are usually the first and basic institution for the kids. Whenever children seek the guidance they prefer their parents to be their guide either in any situation. The crucial truth is that the parents themselves are unfamiliar with the skills of their children. They usually like to impose their interests and professions on their children, or sometimes the profession which is highly demanding in society. Parents have a large impact on the future career planning and counseling of their children. Through the study, it is very clear that 87 percent of students admit that proper planning of their career is the responsibility of their parents. The success and failure in the future depend upon the right decision and planning of their parents that it is their responsibility to do right with it. Teachers’ Effect on Career.A teacher is a role representation for the students. Most students like to obtain the study course as of their teachers, either they have any interest in it or not. After parents, a teacher plays an important role in the career-building and future success of students. Their advice and discussion can motivate students to achieve their goals. So for that teachers have the foremost responsibility to instruct their students and keep them on the right track of their future which leads them to capacity building. Through this study, we have concluded that only 20 percent of students thought that only their teachers are responsible for their career planning and counseling. This shows that nearly 80 percent of students rely on other resources for their career planning and career building. Influence of Childhood Aspiration on Career In this urbanized era, students have created their fantasy world. They want to win all the things which they think to be useful for them. Mostly children idealize their parent’s life to be accepted with. Usually, boys want to be such as their father, also wants to adopt a similar profession, social status, living status, etc. and in the same way, most girls prefer to live the lives of their mother. But occasionally any other reference or person influences students in their childhood. They assume to have the same situations and circumstances for them in the future. It also leads students’ towards career planning that how they can get the required and the desired career. 80 percent of students agree with the situation that childhood aspiration influences career planning and occupation Process of Professional Career Counseling. Significance of the Study. Career Counseling is important for the development of our nation. In the past years, the theory of career counseling has occurred in some parts of  our country as an essential fact. But still, this sensation has not become so popular in most of the institutions and universities. Our educational system is lagging behind the standards of career counseling. Students depend on their parents and teachers to choose their career field. They do not have any awareness about their choices that match their skills. In our country Pakistan mostly parents select the career field for their children. They are usually unaware of the latent skills and hidden abilities of their children. They impose their own choices for their satisfaction regardless of the choices and likes of their children. Mostly the career choices of parents are controlled by the reaction of society. For the sake of elite and fulfillment, they choose the high-pressure duties and professions for their children. Particular careers will always be a sensitive matter where people must carefully plan where they consider themselves or how they see themselves now and after some years from now. Being detected to other possible lines of work, people who are still at the prime of their time can afford to make a shift in career but with bad extent such as poverty of position in companies to where they have served for some time. While career development may not finally occur, asked advice from the people who have been there, or know how to analyze the course of careers may be a great help. Careers cannot be taken for granted. They are the bread and butter that make every person different. Some find themselves in the wrong jobs mainly because it is not their cup of tea. On the other hand, some people are already in the right profession but are unable to grow for the reason that they do not give due value to which they can crash out of their crust and gain the expected growth and due praise that they truly deserve. In short, people just have to do some deep soul searching to be able to discover the true essence of whether to pursue the profession to which they should be or just hang on and boost their current status until the right time comes in the same field.Career planning is surely for the better future of students. There must be proper guidance to them in choosing their career profession.


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