Birds are blessing by Almighty Allah

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Iqra Jahejo
I am ordinary student, and today I thought its necessary to talk about this topic. Birds:- Birds are such a beautiful creation by the creator. I know its not easy to describe about birds in this single article. We actually can say birds are like a angle because they have no worries to earn a money or fighting for success or creating future, friends, enemies, relations , stored food , build a strong house like us etc.Birds are very    happy just flying over the sky, Just have little something to eat (never argue for the options of food) just happy in narrow nest with their partner or kids, just happy to sing freedom songs, just lives happy without any conditions. They just do what God created them to do. They build nests without anyone showing them how to do so. They dance the same mating dances even though they’ve never seen another bird of their species do the same dance. They migrate without being told to do so. So much is built into them that could never have just happened. Their existence, therefore, is a beautiful demonstration of God’s creative power. And those of us who really enjoy birds, and who love God, often worship God in response to viewing and understanding birds. Birds are also considered messengers from the spiritual realms. They symbolize peace, transformation, freedom and power.We often receive messages of support from our guardian angels and they sometimes come in a form of a bird appearing in our lives. These birds are singing praises for God. not in order to plead anything from him, but simply to give glory to their Creator.The birds however do not need to be Religious and bound to any particular faith or religion as such. They don’t have to subscribe to any kind of a faith.Birds are instinct based and they have to live their short lives upon this Earth in search for Food, Water, shelter and mates for propagation of their species.They also don’t have a higher intellect or intelligence which is essential to speak, think, understand, act and communicate, discriminate between good and bad, and digest the philosophies of any religion. So they don’t have to bother. We humans always love birds and their nature, weemotionally attached them and that’s why kept them as a pets and love them a lot and birds are also love humans. Bird lovers and bird owners would swear that birds do and can love humans. And this is true, but not all birds will develop emotional bonds to people but some definitely birds do. There are huge verity in birds they all have different colors, different features, different length, different designs, different living style, different nature, different eating way,different techniques of making nests, different adaptation etc. But all are seems very special and love able. Now a days its summer hot season is started so we all humans should be responsible about these little birds and try to provide them a water at least, that they couldlove us and remember us in their prayers. May all birds remains always happy in their lives and growing more with new different colors.

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