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“International Women’s Day: Kashmiri Women Crying for Justice”

Altaf Hussain Wani,

ISLAMABAD,    (Parliament Times)  :Kashmir Institute of International Relation (KIIR) in collaboration with World Muslim Congress (WMC) organized a webinar with the theme “International Women’s Day: Kashmiri women crying for justice” on March 08, 2021. This was a parallel event at the sidelines of the United Nations Human Rights Council 46th Session.

The prominent human rights activists, academicians and lawyers spoke on the occasion and highlighted the miseries the women in Kashmir face every day for the last 73 years. This year the theme selected for the international women is ‘choose to challenge’ Despite all odds and the brutalities against the Kashmiri women, the Kashmiri women have adopted this theme and have chosen to challenge the unjustified occupation of India in Kashmir.

The speakers highlighted the sexual & mental torture women have to undergo at the hands of the occupational forces and the use of discriminatory laws against them. The speakers also mentioned the International commitments made under several international laws and conventions to protect the honor and respectful lives of women in conflict and under occupation.

Rich tributes were paid to Kashmiri women for their unmatched struggle against the Indian occupation and barbarism.

The speakers pledged to continuously challenge and shake the international conscience until the oppressed women of Indian-occupied Kashmir are heard and given relief.

Those who spoke on the occasion are Ms. Julie Ward Former MEP, Barrister Margaret Owen UK, Barrister Nida Salam, Ms. Fatima Ayed Alrashidi, Ms. Sheni Ahmed Turkey , Attorney Marina Zucca Italy, Ms. Rehana Ali UK, Ms Rida Mourad Lebanon, Ms. Giulia Ferreira Delgado, Ms. Christian Constantinides, Dr. Saira Shah Prof Shagufta Asharaf and Mr. Altaf Hussain Wani.


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