TJP AJK fully participate in elections and will be part of next AJK Govt : Abdullah Gul


Rawalpindi,    (Parliament  Times)  : The upcoming elections in Azad Kashmir, Tehrik Jawanan Pakistan Jammu and Kashmir (TJP) has formed an 11-member parliamentary board. Applications are invited from candidates. The parliamentary board includes Chairman Tehrik Jawanan Pakistan Abdullah Hamid Gul, Secretary General Dr Irfan Ashraf, Raja Zaheer, Arsalan Ayaz, Imran Sindhu, Sardar Qamar Rashid, Irfan Alam, Naeem Khan, Hassan Farooq, Ali Haider Noorzai and Tariq Mahmood.
According to details, an important meeting of TJP was held at its central secretariat in Rawalpindi under the chairmanship of Mohammad Abdullah Hamid Gul. Addressing the meeting, Chairman TJP Mohammad Abdullah Hamid Gul said that Tehrik Jawanan Jammu and Kashmir would emerge as a major political force in the coming Azad Kashmir elections. He said that he had
decided to field candidates from different constituencies of Azad Kashmir. The TJP will play an important role in the next Azad Kashmir election as well as in the government. He said that the Kashmir Independence Movement will be our first priority. In occupied Kashmir, we will play their role against Indian oppression. He further said that TJP also will play its role in the development of Azad Kashmir by becoming a part of the
government. On this occasion, Abdullah Gul further said that we should unite with other political parties in some important constituencies in Azad Kashmir elections. However, the final decision of this alliance will be made soon. Addressing the meeting, Dr. Irfan said that he will participate fully in the upcoming elections. He said that the youth of Azad Kashmir are disgusted with the traditional political parties because these parties do not meet the expectations of the people. Due to this,
a new political force is urgently needed in the Azad Kashmir general elections this time. When we will come to power, we will work on an emergency basis instead of the behavior of traditional political parties. He further said that our election manifesto includes key points such as taking the Azadi Kashmir Movement to its destination, building and developing Azad Kashmir, taking necessary steps for the promotion of tourism and eliminating unemployment. He further said that the purpose of setting up an 11-member parliamentary board was to solicit applications from the candidates so that the tickets
could be issued on merit after scrutiny.