Transparency is more important than secret balloting.


Rawalpindi,    (Parliament Times) :   Vice Chairman Parks and Horticulture Authority
Rawalpindi Malik Abid Hussain has said that the united to avert the common threat of
accountability "Tom and Jerry" are the custodians of the exploitative system of looting
who fight each other in the absence of a common threat to make the people fool and
plunder. On the other hand, Prime Minister Imran Khan and the PTI are struggling to root
out this corrupt system. The political courage shown by Prime Minister Imran Khan in
deciding to take a vote of confidence is unprecedented in the history of the country. The
Election Commission is constitutionally and legally bound to hold clean and transparent
election which is more important than that of ensuring secret balloting.
He expressed these views while addressing a gathering of workers of PTI Tiger
Force and other PTI organizations which assembled here at Girja Road Rawalpindi Cantt.
on Sunday to celebrate PM”s victory in Vote of Confidence.
He said that it was not enough for the Election Commission to say that elections
were held in accordance with the constitution and law. He said that the secret ballot in the
constitution was directed to protect the free will and secrecy of the voters but where the
free will of the voters was being affected by bullying, rigging and greed, it was the duty
of the Election Commission to take steps to prevent the said electoral corruption. “The
Prime Minister Imran Khan had drawn the attention of the Election Commission to this
aspect but instead of considering it, ECP went against the point of view of the Prime
Minister”, he mentioned.
Malik Abid Hussain added that eradication of financial and moral corruption from
the country is the duty of every institution. He was of the view that secret balloting is not
more sacred than that of stopping the blatant corruption that arises in the recent Senate
Congratulating the workers, he said that Prime Minister Imran Khan had made the
victory of Syed Yousuf Raza Gilani meaningless by taking a vote of confidence from the
Assembly. "We will now confront the Tom and Jerry Group with more confidence and
determination than ever before and strengthen the hands of our leader to root out
corruption from the country and put it on the path to development," he concluded.