Senate Election expectations and threats

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Sayed Sajid Shah
After a long tussle between the ruling party, Paksitan Tehrik Insaf (PTI) and Pakistan democratic Moment (PDM) finally, the senate elections were accomplished on 3rd March 2021,on secret ballot system as prescribed by the constitution of Pakistan under the law. On the system of voting    whether, it could be secret or open the supreme court judgement of secret balloting was followed strictly. Now in senate which is upper house of the parliament the Opposition Members have a strength of 53, as it was a joint venture of PDM while the ruling party PTI having 47,members of senate. The senate has a body of 104 members however, the remaining four seats will be filled, after the mechanism approved by the election commission of Pakistan for FATA candidates in coming few months. Although, the senate elections were held peacefully, yet, the upheaval in the treasury benches has created panic in the parliament and society, because of losing many seats. The allegations of bribe, nepotism and selling was old practice in the election of senate however, the increase tendency in the current election had exposed, its nature of occurrence and increased distrustful situation in the corridor of power and misery, in the society. It is believed that in the current election the same malpractices were adopted on a very high level.Muslim Leage Nawaz has got only, 5 seats in the current senate election so making totally 18 in numbers. With the election to senate body, the codal formalities have been completed and the speculations circling in the air has also come to an end. The next threat to senate system lies in the election to chairman senate, Deputy chairman senate as well as the Opposition leader in senate as the old one politician Raja Zafrul Haq had already been retired in the current camp.The induction of PPPP leader Sayed Yousaf Raza Gilani in to the family of senate has brought a new version and kind of discussion in to the field of politics. Though, his name has not been finalized by PDM as a joint candidate but it is strongly, believed in the political circle that he would be the next candidate for chairmanship in the current scenario. The winning of Sayed Yousaf Raza Gillani in the current senate election and the losing of Finance Minister Hafiz Sheikh could be a hint to understand the current scenario in political gambling. The margin of five vote and its cancellation will bring tremendous change in politics if go through investigation and the the PTI is still searching for it. Last night after the senate election many pictures leaked showing the awkward moments and the way how the corrupt leaders stole and misuse the machinery for personal benefits.Just after the election the Prime Minister spoke to the nation on Media and narrate the long history, of his survival ,struggle and carrier who wishes to bring a change in the stereotype politics while making the country highly developed and sustainable. Members to the senate are not common men, women and they could not be judged with the wealth they possess, unfortunately this practice is continued since the inception of senate slowly and gradually and now only the have people are member to it. Actually, they should be judged on the basis of their credibility, vision, trust and dedication to their country. The senate is highly esteemed institution where the decisions are made in the best interest of public and the bills are passed and made laws to protect and develop country. The foreign policy is discussed and passed through it with one third majority. So we need professional and technical people with sound background rather than Millionaire and Billionaire because it is not a business spot at all .Unfortunately,we have made it commercial place and so majority of our members are benefited on nepotism basis or on the basis of their  valuable strength.Now a second row and tussle between the parties will start as on 12th March the election to chairman senate ,deputy senate and opposition leader will be held. So all the parties are going to plan for the high slots.No doubt that politics is cult and is not a game of Gambling. Look in to the world and see what sort of measurement and changes the senate had brought in the lives of people by making laws pertaining to peace, tranquility and development and prosperity and what we had done?In fact, If the common man is not getting any relief from such a powerful institution and if they, had negative role to the public issues than chaos and misery will be the alternate end.The political process is only, necessary to make the institutions better for delivery, to common man. We should revive our system and must develop our democratic system powerful, strong and sustainable. Politics is not a business and democracy does not mean to involve the high-profile segments to play a game with poor people on the name of democracy. When you aloof the society, or misuse its strength for personal benefits the history will never forgive you.


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