Iqra Jahejo
Hope is the second name of life. ope is the first name of strength. Hey! I’m a ordinary student and this topic really relate in all over the living organisms. Actuallyhope is very deep and its not easy to describe in single article. Every one has a hope for something Even the single life exists in the universe, which is also carry a hope Hope is not only for the human begins it is also for the animals , birds , insects etc. As for human begins are:- The value of hope is always known by a hopelessLike a patient or un healthy men is always lives on the bases of hope. Or a person without home he lives in hope of one day make build a home. A hard worker / failer lives on the basses of hope that one day will be successful.And more because human’s carry many hope’sAnd same as animal do. As for animals are:-

Animals have always a hope for good food, better shelter, a protective place.Animals always carry a hope that lives life with freedom. As for birds are:- Birds have a hope that they could fly high more high without falling down. Birds carry hope when they land down for eating something and no one catch them. Bids keeps a hope that they can freely sings freedom songs and enjoy the sky openly. As for insects are:- Insects also keeps a hope that they could walk safely or without coming beneath thehuman foot. Insects carry hope that they wouldn’t be the food of some one. Insects lives their life with the hope of that safely complete day.Everyone keeps a hope, And reason could be anything. They all living the life is only by grace of hope. Without hope life becomes near to end, please try to distribute hope to everyone and everywhere.