Dead in water PDM, would see defeat in Punjab: Rana Akhtar



Lahore, (Parliament Times) :  Deputy secretary Information Pakistan Tehreek e Insaf Central Punjab Rana Akthar Hussain has said that PDM is taking its last breaths, PTI has defeated them politically. Meeting of Bilawal Zardari Son of Mr 10 Percent with Hamza Shehbaz for in-house change will go in vein. They will face defeat in Punjab just like they faced in National Assembly. Punjab province has already rejected those faces which are ruling in Sindh for last consecitive 13 years and they did noting for deprived people of Sindh. The meetings of these political actors are nothing but a series of photo sessions. While speaking to PTI workers in office this Sunday Rana Akthar Hussain said that there is no value of convicted daughter of Nawaz Sharif who is also convicted from courts. He said that both convicted and criminal father and daughter duo has no future in politics. They are just trying to make people fool but they have badly failed. PDM and London plan flopped now and they looking for places to hide their faces after failure in their commitments and non fulfillment of fake promises with public.