Sardar Tanveer Ilyas Khan’s address in Rawalakot to commemorate Operation Swift Retort victory



Nuaman Ishfaq,

I begin my speech by saying, what I had been saying for recent past, that while keeping Azad Kashmir’s status intact, if we get seats in National Assembly and Senate of Pakistan, it will bring significant welfare for the people of Azad Kashmir. In my opinion, people of Azad Kashmir are intentionally being misguided on this issue by those who don’t want to see them flourish in the mainstream politics of Pakistan. Let me tell them loud and clear, I am as much a descendant of this land as anyone else and i have the same rights as all of you. I make sure that whenever I will represent you on any forum, your head will never be down and your aspirations will never fade away. Kashmir is only one, and Kashmir belongs to Kashmiris.

Regarding Pakistan, Kashmiris themselves say that they are Pakistanis. You will see flag of Azad Kashmir with flag of Pakistan in every government office of Pakistan. Pakistan is the only lawyer of Kashmiris in the United Nations and the main party of Kashmir dispute. Partition of Indian subcontinent is not complete until Kashmir issue is resolved. Moreover, whether it is about Palestine problem or issue of oppressed people in Muslim countries, Pakistan always stood by its commitment and played its role.

I am worker of Prime Minister Imran Khan. If Imran Khan orders me to be part of upcoming government in Azad Kashmir, I will be happily part of the government. I have no personal enmity with anyone. All I want is the development of my people. From this gathering, we are starting new era of political enlightenment in Azad Kashmir. We should commit that we all will stand shoulder to shoulder to win upcoming election in Azad Kashmir. I also like to thank workers of other parties who joined us on this occasion to pay homage to our brave armed forces, who bravely defeated India in Operation Swift Retort on 27 February 2019.

At the end of my speech, I once again express my gratitude for all of you for jam-packing Sabir Shaheed Stadium and we have to make promise that we’ll again jam-pack this stadium with same zeal in near future. All of you are going to be part of my grand caravan. Neither I have disappointed my people and nation in past nor I am going to disappoint them in future. God bless you all!