Life doesn’t end with a failure

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Shahjabeen Saeed
Life doesn’t end with a failure rather the journey of success begins with the failure. Failure shows that you tried. The journey of success is inundated with many ups and downs today and what we name as failure. So learn to face them. Failure isn’t the end it’s the encouragement towards continuing your journey. Once you fail, it doesn’t mean you lose an opportunity, but it means you tried to creack an opportunity. Everyone is afraid of failure. Failure is not a shameful qct and remember one thing how can you learn to wake up when you never fall. Failure is not a choice, it’s a sudden thing. Failure brings two things depression and mindset and    it is up to us what we choose. Depression leads towards illness and mindset leads towards success. The definition of success is different for everyone. There is success in every work, for a labor earning the three times meal is success, for a doctor saving a life is success even the successful people have faced failure. For them success was another, but may be for us success is different. Failure doesn’t exist when you believe that your every attempt is a victory. Failure brings passion to do more. People think failure is a huge issue, but failure is the only thing that teaches you thousans of things. They are some mesmerizing examples like Thomas Edison who doesn’t consider his failure as lost,but he considered them as victory. Like MS Dhoni who is living a legendary life, like Albert Einstein who doesn’t know what is exactly failure is, like Dr. Abdul Salam who born poor and died as a legend. There are thousands of the people their lives begin with failure and move towards success a and end with legend. Don’t follow an idol to get encouragement rather be an idol to be remembered. Failure is just a word it doesn’t desist you to work harder. Failure leads you towards your journey of legendary. Failure is just a stone in your path now it’s up to you whether you allow that stone to block your way or you pass from it confidently. Failure is that darkness which hides your all skills, but the one who faves it and shines from it. Don’t let the failure to overcome your life and don’t make it your weakness. Learn something from failure. Failure is a difficulty, but it is up to us how can we find an opportunity from it. Failure coerced the people to bring a change

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