Impacts of Pubg on youngsters

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Fazeer Ahmed
Dear Editor, Youths are the future future of the nation but unfortunately our youth is distributed and has mental sickness due to pubg. Pubg is an online multiplayer Royal game which has destroyed the life of the youth in many ways. Firstly, it is working as a mental health desorder it is taking lives of youth and causing every individuals to death. In lahore a teenage boy missed his mition and did Societe. A man from Faisalabd played pubg for 24 hours and died. Furthermore, a 16 years old boy Societe after his family bans pubg. There are more then tregic death. Which happened due to pubg. In addition, Youths are the future of the nation and play a vital role for the development of the Country. Deppordly, in the era of bambartment. Our youth is wasting time on useless app where youth can get easily stress or face ensity issues in public due to lack of social interaction. Moreover, our relations delicated as hours are spend on this game and we hardly find time for something productive. At last, I humbly request the government place take measures steps for the violence of game. It has many effects on the youth and the future of the country is going towards the darkness.

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