After Senate Election


Naseebullah Achakzai
Sane are those who learn from past. The repeated mistakes which the incumbent government has been making, would ultimately lead the PTI into deep crises. The upset defeat of Hafez Sheikh from Islamabad should be an alarming signal for the government. It is high time Mr. Khan felt the responsibility and deliver. The voices against the policies of the government within the PTI circle had started prior to the election. The most important issue was the negligence of the real party leaders on the part of party leadership over the parachuters. The consequence was the defeat of the ruling party in the Senate election from Islamabad. The internal rivalry and power politics within the party also affected the election. AfterJehangur Tareen, the PTI lacked a good negotiator. Mr. Shah MehmoodQurashi could fill the vacuum, but his silence is also proving that everything is not good. The blow was apparent. The anger of myriad of PTI members of parliament had been on peak. Deprivation of the MNA,s from development funds and negligence on the part of the PM could be judged before the election.The downfall of economy, rise in unemployment and inflation have created hatred among the layman and the MNA,s and the MPA,s. The members of Kitchen Cabinet are at war with each other, which has affected the governance of the state. The need of a seasoned team has been felt since the government took the reign. Further, the tilting of the government to the other side of the curtain has also affected its creditability. An appreciated decision has been taken by the PM to take vote of confidence from the National assembly. Mr. Khan still has time. He must avail the opportunity. Putting the country on right track of economy, creating a good political environment, taking the real leadership of the party into confidence, discouraging the Lotas and parachuters, good governance, and saying no to the help from the back door power channels can still provide a safe passage to the incumbent government. Blame game and the mantra of corruption might not work more.