Rise in food inflation


Altaf Adam
The increase in the rate of food inflation hits the under privileged living families across the country. Food inflation states the gradually increase in price hike in few months that made worst condition of over all population in various part of country. Mostly the rural areas went in depth grief and    living a life has become a huge burden on them. Moreover, rural population is growing poorer day by day since price hike raised up across the country. Approximately 80% population is living under poverty line in rural areas. And unluckily there is no any policy of government immgrated in order to reduce food inflation so far. This huge population is deprived from the assists of government. The main reason of growing food inflation is the negligence of government and other authorities. As a result food inflation is creating more and more challenges for the population. It is highly requested to the government that a number of measures are needed to be undertaken against growing food inflation in order that population may not get harm.