Why unavailability of ambulance and telecommunication service? Kerni residents

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Haveli Kahuta ( Umar Butt) :  Mandhar Youth Activist has record a protest against non-provision of Scom service despite assurance from District Administration and concern department here on Thursday at Haideri Chowk kahuta.
Members of Haveli youth Alliance , kahsmir youth parliment , Social activist including All school of thoughts joined this protest.
Protesters were holding placards inscribed with anti Administration slogans.
Addressing to the protest , protesters said that despite assurance from District Administration and concerned department still work couldn’t started.we haven’t any health facilitate even not telecommunications service as to call for emergency patient. Who is responsible for all of this ? Protesters raised question at that occasion.
Opposite us on the other side of the LOC, India has installed modern roads and the best telecom system for Kashmiris, so why oppress us ,they further remarked.
Mujataba Farooqi ( Chairman youth Alliance ) said that ” due to poor service of SCO our pockets are being robbed in public. This service has been launched only to make money not to provide facilities to the people” Poor internet service of this service forced us to freeze the semester. Who is responsible of educational waste , he further added.
At this Protest , Adil Awan , Chaudhary Asim , Qayyum Mir , Abrar Dar , Kashan Badhanvi, Qumroosh Gillani , Ayaz Chak , Sajid Rathore , were also there.
Later on ,Assistant Commissioner Haveli reached on the spot, listened to the demands of the people and after talking to the SCO officials assured that the SCO would look into the matter the next day and work on the tower would start in exactly two weeks. On Assurance of Assistant Commissioner protest was postponed by the protesters.

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